Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Visit At Crisostomo

I remember Crisistomo as that guy in our Rizal's literary works who came from one of the elite families in that particular era. Somebody who was brought up with a lot of ideals and ended up with nothing to believe in anymore.

Just like his upbringing, the restaurant boasts of its pricey value just to end up being one of the ordinary stuff you eat (if you live in the Philippines). But of course, we don't get to eat those glorious "ordinary" local dishes that we have. And that is what you get from this more than a casual restaurant.

I would recommend the Gising Gising and Paella. By the way, their dishes are named after a cobblestone-lined street in old Manila or that of a person as elite-sounding as Crisostomo.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Guiltless Chocolate Pie

Resembles chocolate mousse with a lot more cocoa butter on top. I love it! Seems so light though.

Midnight Snack

The best wake-me-up snack for me is Blast O' Butter popcorn. The aroma is more uplifting than anything I know. Gotta have some butter!