Friday, October 28, 2011

Hot Rocks' Sisig and Grilled Pork

If you're a weight watcher, don't dare go near a Hot Rocks branch.
It would be a Herculean task just to say no to their dishes 
of sumptuous and juicy pork!
Love it more because it's affordable ^_^

Their serving of Pork sisig (they also offer fish and tofu sisig).
The waitress gave us the option to top it off with egg.
Of course, grab the opportunity to have the better sisig preparation.
We said yes to the egg!  

By the way, I got off from work and went straight to their 
Libis branch to eat lunch with my husband.

Minute Maid's White Grape with Aloe Vera Pulp

I passed by 7/11 to look for a pick-me-up.
They didn't have the coffee I love because their branch at Heart Center 
didn't have the vending machine for it (along with Slurpee).
And so, I tried to look for something equally "helpful".
I got curious with their White Grape.  
I didn't know there were aloe vera pulp in it.
And so, I was happily drinking the pulp thinking they were grapes!!!
It was really good especially when chilled in the freezer.

Figaro: Pudding

I love it warm!
Great with Cafe au Lait minus the sugar ^_^

Baon Series: Laing

I wanted something healthy for lunch so I asked the cook
to prepare some laing for me ^_^
One of my few favorite vegetable dishes!
Fish and Leafy Greens!!!
Better get your toothbrush and paste ready after the meal.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

French Baker's Coffee Bun

There seems to be a lot of varieties for coffee buns these days.
I tried French Baker's "heavy and packed" version which is quite different
from the "light and fluffy" version of other brands.
It came straight from the fridge and it made the mocha cream inside more creamy.
 Hence, it's best to eat it cold.

More than good enough, if you ask me.  ^_^

Cafe France: Cinnamon Twists???

Your good old cinnamon twist turned into "cups".
Best with hot creamy coffee ^_^

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cafe France: Plate of the Day

I wanted to be happy during duty hours.  And so I had to resort to good food...

I went over-the-bakod to Heart Center to grab some food at their Cafe France.
Since I can only afford the Plate of the Day (complete with Coke Light),
I was able to eat some Happy food..

Iceberg's Near CCP

It was 11:00pm and we still haven't eaten dinner.  It was Stomp night for us (siblings).  And we arrived late in the area so we postponed dinner for a couple of hours.  We haven't tried Iceberg's since our last visit years ago at their E.Rodriguez Ave branch.  

I changed my mind about Choco Banana Shake to get a Root Beer Float. 

My brother's old fashioned Vanilla Milkshake
paired up with his Mighty AJ burger plate!

I ordered six pieces of Buffalo wings for myself.

... Chili Cheese Fries.

Service: 3 stars
Service wasn't too bad considering they were under-manned tonight. 

Ambiance: 3 stars
It was a very casual place but Magnolia's ice cream parlor is still on top spot.

Food: 3 stars

Price: 3 stars
A bit expensive for someone on a tight budget.
Range PHP150-250 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smoothest Leche Flan Yet

My brother brought home two trays of leche flan made by his girlfriend.  Just by looking at the caramel glaze on top was enough for me to predict that it would be so good.  And I was right ^_^

Truly delectable!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Best-Tasting Homemade Pasta!

A couple of days ago, someone at work brought pasta (and a couple more dishes) to the department to celebrate her daughter's third birthday.  It was all I ate (along with a couple of baby potatoes with herbs).

It had (just enough) creamy white sauce, bits of chicken, and pimiento slices.
Since I was one of those few left eating in the conference room, 
I was able to get seconds... and a third serving too!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taberna Barcelona

Parents are back and we made sure that we celebrated our Daddy's birthday somewhere.  And we have landed on Taberna Barcelona in Atrium Megamall.  We haven't been there before and it was I who got there first so I was the one who chose the place.

They give bread toast for free.

Tabla Barcelona
for starters.

Yay!  We found another place that serve
tasty oysters.
Theirs is filled with mozzarella and some leafy greens.

Ensalada ???
I don't remember the name of this salad ^_^
It's so-so.

Paella Marinara
If you like saffron, you would like this dish.
The rice is so tasty.

Parilla Mariscos
Skillet of assorted seafoods

Paella Negra
I suggest this for take out to eat at home. 
But if you're adventurous enough to eat something that 
could mess up your teeth and your lips,
go ahead.

Pijama for dessert.
Fruits, custard and ice cream.

Chocolate Pie

It's the best looking pie there is.
Combination of hazel nuts and fruits on top of chocolate-covered wafer.
Sounds good?
Sounds good! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Cakes: Dairy Queen's and Red Ribbon's

Because it was Daddy's 65th birthday, we had to celebrate it somehow even though my parents are not around (they're in a pilgrimage somewhere in the world).

It was kind of pointless to put a birthday message on the cake
but I'm planning to send it as an MMS to my father tonight 
which he can hopefully see as he rides the bus somewhere.

Just a little piece is enough for me.

We also had Red Ribbon log roll.  
There were 11 of us left at home so two cakes are just right.

My nephew is enjoying his plate of melting ice cream cake slice.

C2's Bibingka Flambe

When I hear or read the word "Flambe", it sounds like something TUTYALis.
I remember my chef friend said to me before - that it was difficult to create.

Here in C2, they are serving our very own Bibingka in Flambe form!

It's so interesting especially the Coconut dip.
I'm used to grated coconut toppings.
But here Bibingka and the Coconut meat is in a different form.
I surely recommend everyone to try it... at least once!

Note: They carefully make it only when you order for it.