Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Food Channel's Shawarma

Has anyone tried Food Channel's Shawarma?  
My husband has been buying me one from our village sports center.
And I have to say, it's the first time I have eaten shawarma with potato fries in them.
The beef is also tender and very lean. 

The best thing about this is their spicy sauce 
which is made of so many bell peppers that's why it tastes and
smells so good too.  Very spicy of course. 

Down side is it's more expensive than the regular shawarmas around.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tasting Some of That Secret Recipe

My sister and I along with my nephew couldn't resist a light in-between-meals snack.
We decided to enter Secret Recipes but it wasn't easy to choose from their 
wide variety of desserts!

I tried their butterscotch slice.
It was so good in-and-out!

Cappuccino made the tandem complete!

My nephew was pretty happy with his plate of miniburgers and fries.

Salmon Dish

I rarely eat dinner at home.
Usually, I grab a cereal box and milk and eat them 
upstairs while I consume the rest of my night on the 
study table.
But one evening, I took time eating this dish. 
Without Rice. ^_^

It was really good.  I think the green peas, carrots and corn
were from the bag I bought in the frozen section of the supermarket.
Much better than eating fish with rice ^_^

At Friday's On A Saturday

One Saturday night, I was with the gang at TGIF Eastwood City. 
When I say gang, I mean grandma and grandpa.

The one thing I got a picture of was my Oreo Milkshake.
I wasn't able to take a photo of everything else on the table.
I don't even remember eating that piece of Oreo.
It probably melted and mixed with the rest of the drink.

Sunflower Seeds!

I've been seeing this in the supermarkets and I keep buying them.
I keep one in my coat pocket just in case, I couldn't get a complete meal on time.
It's good and it's filling!

Pandecillos from Bicol

My grandmother from Bicol knows this is my favorite.
Pandecillos are nutty bread that is filled with Yema-like spread.

I could finish one whole bag in one sitting!
I wish they sell it around Manila too.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Butter Heaven

When my kid is already sleeping and I still have time to study at night, 
I always want to be accompanied by freshly microwaved Blast o' Butter popcorn ^_^

Popcorn wakes me up instantly ^_^ 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Peanut Butter Toasts

Toasted bread with peanut butter spread.
My personal favorites are Peter Pan, PanDeManila's and Ludy's brands.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breaking The Overnight Fast at Conti's (Katipunan)

Upon waking up one Sunday morning, we all climbed the car and drove to Conti's Katipunan.

My nephew waiting for his food which did not arrive 
that soon enough.  We had to wait for our food despite 
the few number of customers and more than enough manpower 
in the kitchen and on the floor.

Coffee arrived first.  
Thank you!

Chicken lollies with honey mustard dip
One of the best I have tasted

My mother wanted the fruits served first.
She made the waiters rush this one out.

I ordered Seafood Gratin (???)
I couldn't pronounce it correctly as much as I couldn't 
ingest another spoonful of this one. 
It wasn't good as I was hoping for it to be :(
NEVER going to order this one again.
I'm going to stay away from anything that has "gratin" on it's label.

Unlimited Drinks and Soup at Peri Peri

It was my first time to dine at Peri Peri
and I now am aware of their unlimited offer of soup and drinks 
(including coffee).

Unfortunately, their soup is pretty disappointing because 
it tasted that there was flour (yes, flour) in it.
It could have been better if their soup was at par with the 
instantly prepared ones we can purchase at the supermarket.

Their grilled chicken was not extraordinary but it wasn't that bad at all.
It is accompanied by rice which could be shared by two people
(who doesn't eat that much rice)

I ordered their fajitas which was served separately from the wrapper.

The diner is supposed to prepare the fajitas himself.
The sauce wasn't bad at all and I kind of enjoyed myself preparing one.

Lunch Break at Cajun Red Rock

Took this photo to show to a friend that a drink was named after him ^_^

I had their soup of the day and some of their toasts
which tasted toasted "monay" to me.

It seems that I dined here so long ago that I couldn't remember
the name of this dish.  The only thing I remembered was that
the rice was seasoned with saffron.

Well, I couldn't forget this one.  
It is their bread pudding.
You can never go wrong with bread puddings
irregardless of which resto you are in.