Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love Ko 'To: McDonald's Double Cheeseburger

This is my favorite McDonald's Value meal.
Recently, I found true love for junk food in McDonald's Double Cheeseburger.
I consider this as one of my ultimate "escapes" from a stressful daily routine.
If only there was a McDonald's nearby the workplace, 
I would have this around thrice a week.

I love my fries with a lot of TOMATO ketchup.

And I love my burger with a lot of cheese.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Seoul Barbecue: Dinner Times Two

This restaurant has been around for some time now.  Since it is nearby where we live then it's not hard to notice that it exist.  Although there are no ads for this restaurant whatsoever, they still have regular clients (particularly Koreans) including Filipinos too.

This week, I have dined here twice already for a late dinner. 

Forgive me but I'm having a hard time recalling the Korean names of these dishes.

We bought some ice cream sandwich.

It's light on the tummy.  
Not as creamy as you thought it would be.
Really taste good too.

Taste 4 out of 5
Service 4 out of 5
Ambiance 2 out of 5  
(looked like a very ordinary place)
Price 2 out of 5
(very pricey IMO but then, the authenticity of the food can make up for it)

Banana Leaf at Greenhills

I haven't tried eating in this restaurant since ages ago... which is around 5 years ago when my then boyfriend took me to their branch somewhere in Makati.  Teehee!  

Anyway, I remembered the curry dip was really good and that was it.  I failed to recall about the other stuff.  

I was with my sister this weekend in Greenhills and we were looking for something to eat before she heads to the office and I back home.

We were so happy to find out that Banana Leaf servings were for sharing and easy on the pocket.  In my palate, that's a big plus!

Their Roti Canai that I was enjoying in Penang Hill until they closed down
their Shangri-la Branch.

Their Pad Thai - Banana Leaf version.


I forgot what kind of rice was this.

Their Tilapia in Assam Sambal sauce
Unfortunately, it wasn't as filleted carefully as expected.
There were occasional fish bones.
However, I still enjoyed consuming this because it was really good.

Food: 4 out of 5
Service 4 out of 5
Price 4 out of 5
Ambiance 3 out of 5

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dulcinea Lunch

Tropical Fruitshake
Much better if you get it by the pitcher

I think that's strawberry syrup trickling down the pitcher

I had two appetizers for my main course ^_^
Light on the tummy but never leaves you hungry

I went there for their churros
Three is enough for me ^_^

I wish I knew how to make these at home.

There weren't that many diners in their Eastwood branch.
And so, the waiters and even the manager have time to serve you ^_^

French Baker: Croissant Sandwich

 I had a Chicken Salad Sandwich
with tasty potato chips on the side

Best with ice cold RootBeer Float

DQ's Birthday Cake

Our family is not big on birthdays but we are big on ice cream ^_^

On my sister's 32nd birthday, she and her husband drove to DQ in Eastwood 
for a birthday cake she has been craving since one week before.

Everyone enjoyed it although some of us, even the celebrant 
was controlling themselves because it was just too 
heavenly for our own good.

Mommy's Salad

Mom came from the market that afternoon and bought some 
leafy greans including organic alfalfa sprouts.
She opened the bottle of feta cheese 
and washed the seedless grapes clean.

(mommy on the background)

Topped it all of with parmesan cheese and served it during dinner.

First Visit at Tokyo Cafe

At last, mother and daughter were able to try Tokyo Cafe.  I was with Via roaming around the mall and was thinking what food to give my daughter for lunch.  I looked at their display and decided that they looked really good.

My Via and I shared this tomato-based rice dish.
There were chicken bits in there and some vegetables to.
Pretty hefty if you ask me.

(By the way, the Japanese manager (?)owner served this dish to our table
even though they were not under-manned. 
Now, that is pretty good service.

This is what my the nanny and I shared ^_^
Mozzarella-filled chicken roll
One piece is more than enough.
The potato salad on the side is pretty good too.

My sister and I shared this one
I gave some beef to Via too.

I got the caramel coffee drink...

... and my sister enjoyed her chocolate drink

Japanese food is now more than sushi, sashimi and tempura ^_^

Not really pricey considering the place looked like it. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sunday Breakfast at Conti's

It was our first time in Conti's Katipunan branch.

We were there ahead of other people therefore,
got a space in their small parking area.

They served my iced mocha first.
Starting the day with a dessert!

My Via had fish for breakfast.
She liked it for a while but then got tired of it easily.
Mommy happily finishes them all of.

Their breakfast combo A.
It's good for 3 people.

Here's my favorite!
Lengua estofado for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Even for snacks.
That's how much I like their lengua estofado.

Their fried rice has almonds on them.
I wasn't able to take some and try the combination.

The place is very cozy.
Got to meet my friend from internship!

Pinoy Snacks: Scramble

You have got to try this even just once!

I love it with less powdered milk. ^_^

Baon Series: Burger Steak Combos

Combo #1 
Burger Steak mix with mushroom gravy
plus canned whole kernel corn drizzled with butter and cheese

Combo #2
Burger steak with mushroom gravy 
plus fried thin slices of potato covered with Crispy Fry mix

Charlie's Grind and Grill

Have you tried this already?  

They said it has been around for quite sometime now

but only this week have I tried their burger.

Visited their branch in San Juan.
I love their menu on chalkboard.
The hand-writing is so neat!  
(Note: I am easily impressed!)

Clam chowder on sour dough bread
Taste really good.
Super "clammy".

I tried their Shroom Burger.
I wasn't in the mood for meat that day.

Cross section of a Shroom Burger 
I had the other half packed to go.

Going back there if the budget allows.
It's a whole lot more pricey than other burger brands.
The soup made an impression but the burger didn't.
I would like another chance to taste their other burgers
to change my mind. ^_^

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pho Hoa's Beef Tenderloin

Yesterday, I dropped by Megamall for errands.  Before heading home, I called my sister to join me for lunch and she left the choice of resto up to me.  I was looking for both comfort and satisfying food.

After contemplating whether to eat some Japanese or Chinese, I finally settled for some Vietnamese food.  Where else to go in Megamall besides Pho Hoa?  Nowhere else.

My sister and I shared a bowl of Vegeterian Noodle Soup and Sizzling Tenderloin.

I HIGHLY recommend the Tenderloin dish!

You'd melt with their Tenderloin dish!
I swear!!! 

Breakfast at Pancake House

Countless visit at Pancake House but still, they never fail to give a good impression and perfect breakfast experience.

Coffee arrived first.

My daughter's breakfast plate: pancake with sausage

My light breakfast combination of BLT sandwich with potato salad.

Mann Hann at Market! Market!

I don't remember eating in Mann Hann before so when we passed by Market! Market! to buy Via's party giveaways, my sister and I decided to go for Chinese food.

I tried their version of Oyster Tempura.
Verdict is Shabu-Shabu's oyster tempura is still better.

We ordered their salt and pepper pork.
It was above average but does not really grab me that much.

I think we will be dining in Mann Hann again.
They still served a good lunch.