Friday, December 2, 2011

Sunday Breakfast at Conti's

It was our first time in Conti's Katipunan branch.

We were there ahead of other people therefore,
got a space in their small parking area.

They served my iced mocha first.
Starting the day with a dessert!

My Via had fish for breakfast.
She liked it for a while but then got tired of it easily.
Mommy happily finishes them all of.

Their breakfast combo A.
It's good for 3 people.

Here's my favorite!
Lengua estofado for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Even for snacks.
That's how much I like their lengua estofado.

Their fried rice has almonds on them.
I wasn't able to take some and try the combination.

The place is very cozy.
Got to meet my friend from internship!


  1. I love Conti's! :) Your post made me want to head to Conti's now.. ^^

  2. I love Conti's too. Especially their Mango Bravo cake! :)