Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chicago Cheesecake

While waiting for the 7pm movie schedule of Thor at Gateway, my sister and I stayed at CBTL to read my book and browse her computer.  We tried out the Chicago Cheesecake while drinking our cups of coffee.

This is the first time I've tasted Chicago Cheesecake.  It's similar to New York Cheesecake.  It's not as thick but it's really smooth and the taste is almost the same.

Late Lunch at Teriyake Boy

Teriyake Boy at Eastwood City

Food: 4 stars
Service: 4 stars
Cleanliness: 4 stars
Ambiance: 3 stars

Spicy Tuna Salad of a different name (sorry I forgot how they called it)

The spiciest Dynamite Rolls I've ever had.
Unlike in other Japanese restaurants, a diner will have to look 
for a drink right after putting one sushi in the mouth.
The sushi was truly rolled in spicy chili.

And here's the Japanese Mayo plus Kikkoman(?) dip 
to neutralize the spiciness.

It's a good thing my sister insisted on dining in this restaurant before May 31 this year.
I could not have tasted their Tuna Hiyashi Chuka because  it's for a limited time offer.
It's a cold ramen dish.  And I want another one.  
It's a light noodle dish but is actually heavy on the stomach.

I figured that the sauce (poured over the noodle dish) is probably a peanut sauce.

I tasted some coffee jelly from my brother-in-law's bento box.

And as for the drinks, I got service water as always.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lunch At Cravings

I haven't been to this restaurant for almost one year already.  And last Saturday, I was with my sister's family to join them for lunch.  My sister suggested Kimono Ken but I think we have been eating Japanese most of the time so I suggested that we go up to the fifth floor where we could choose from the restaurants up there.  We ended up at Cravings.  

Taste: 4 out of 5
Presentation: 4 out of 5
Servings: 3 out of 5
Price: 2 out of 5 (even if the main course comes with a salad splurge at their salad bar)
Ambiance: 4 out of 5
Service: 5 out of 5

I got myself a cup of clear soup that tasted ginger and garlic to me.
There was a lot of ingredients for different kinds of salad but I was only in the mood
for macaroni and lots of whole kernel corn
swimming in Thousand Island dressing (which was on my second plate)
topped with croutons.
I also got dinner rolls with buttered herb.

My sister ordered Tender Bits for the nanny.  They had this big serving of breaded chicken
and large pieces of fries.  This was one of the best that we ordered that time.
We were eyeing the nanny's plate.

I ordered Chicken Tandoori.
It wasn't that impressive.  I was looking for something else in their 
menu that I ordered last year (the last time we ate their).

The sauce wasn't as one would expect from this dish.
It lacked something I don't know what. 

My nephew had Chicken Cordon Bleu.
He liked the gravy and the mashed potato.

And my sister ordered baked fish which was garnished with
olives and garlic and something else, I don't know.

Hope to go back there and order something I really like.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snacking on Cafe France

Last Saturday, I went out of the house to join my nephew and my sister in Cafe France (formerly Delifrance) beside Jollibee along Libis.

I don't know the reason why they changed their business name but they do have the same menu.

...Well, maybe not this one.
This is the first time I saw a Choco Bun displayed on their trays.
I tried it out.  It was hollow inside with a minimum layer of custard.
I wish they gave a large helping of custard inside.

California Chicken Sandwich
I took a picture just before the nanny cut it into 
little pieces for my nephew who didn't finish the whole thing.

This is what I ordered.
A plate of Carbonara with bacon bits and thick cheesy carbonara sauce.

This is a good one.
I don't know exactly what it's called.
But there's salmon inside that is half cooked.
It's like you're eating Salmon Sashimi sandwich.

I tried their Red Grape for my drink.

Blush Cupcakes

My nephews teachers in his play school gave him a box of Blush Cupcakes which can be bought in Sixty Fifty grounds (beside Shopwise) in Libis.  I have seen their little dainty shop but I have never bought any cupcakes from them.

Since my nephew only likes Oreo for dessert, he kinda snubbed the cupcakes.  And so my sister and I were able to share the box of cupcakes.

Somebody shook the box during shipping (from school to our house LOL!)
and so the cupcakes where almost upside down in their tray.

I wasn't able to taste the chocolate cupcake but 
I definitely enjoyed the peach-colored cupcake
that tasted like butter cake.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Guys Pizza

Last night was pizza night.  Since my sister and I are the only ones going to have dinner at home (my brother is enjoying his Friday night somewhere else and my parents went off to Tagaytay), we didn't bother the help to cook dinner for us.  Instead, we decided to try out Big Guys Pizza.  We ordered a 20" Super Supreme from their Eastwood branch.

I'm really glad we tried it out.  It's comparable to Domino's pizza. 

It tasted much better with Tabasco sauce, particularly Mild JalapeƱo version.

What I noted was that it was like Shakey's thin crust pizzas that gets soggy when you reheat it in the microwave.  I think it's best to reheat it in a toaster.

They have a page in Facebook where you can get details 
about their menu and their branches around the metro.

SugarFree Bar

I'm currently biting on some kind of dark chocolate right this minute.  These are the only kind of chocolate my parents and my sister are eating.  Meanwhile, I prefer milk chocolates especially that of Hershey's, Goya's and Meiji brand.

Since my family opts for the healthier choices in food, I know they couldn't do without the bad ones.  And we're really happy to find something like Doctor's Carb Rite's SugarFree Bar of dark chocolate.  There is zero grams of carbohydrates that sadly, raises our blood sugar as fast as we digest them.

The Taste.

It tastes much better than the regular dark chocolates I've eaten before because it's not as bitter.  I think the most bitter dark chocolate I've tasted are those round ones from Tagaytay that you make as dark chocolate drink and that of Lindt which is 90% dark chocolate. (Yes, I've bitten into those round Tableas ahaha!  Walang patawad talaga! )

Nong Shim Shrimp-Flavored Noodles

 love cup noodles.  If it wasn't so bad for my kidney, I would have eaten it day and night.  One of my favorite brands is Nong Shim.  It maybe because of the spices they put in it.  I just wish they weren't so pricey.  Sigh!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prince of Persia: Good For Sharing

Last night, I was able to pay my second visit to Prince of Persia  in Eastwood City.  I was with my sister and brother last night who both frequent the small restaurant.  I was the only one who didn't really know what to order.  

We were with my nephew, my Via, my brother's girlfriend and the two nannies.  And we all enjoyed the meal we ordered together.  My brother, my nanny and I kept pouring the bottle of garlic mayo sauce over our rice and the waiter kept refilling it for us.  I ate a lot of rice and sadly, I can't seem to feel satisfied.  I wanted more.  I think I finished one serving plus I got spoonfulls of rice from another serving.  

You have to forgive me but I don't recall the names of what we ordered last night.  All I remembered is that the meals range from P100 to P280.00, I think. 

All I can say is that everything was not so appetizing to look at 
but believe you me when I say that one bite will make 
you want another one and another one.
I'm sure a lot has already tried and could attest 
to how delicious the restaurant's food is.
Everything is buttery and smoky-flavored.  
It's a wonderful combination.