Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wham Burger's Wham Burger

Well, it's because it's what it's called.

Before heading home, I stopped by a branch in Megamall.  I use to eat their burgers in the Katipunan branch and I'm so happy that they have opened in more accessible areas like Shangri-la Mall and Megamall.

They are true to their promise.

Look at that bun!
I asked the lady to have it cut in half for easy dining in the car.

I couldn't take an acceptable photo of their thick, juicy, piping hot fries.

Fun interior!
They're into Marvel characters even before the movie rage began.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TGIF Lunch

This is my first time to visit their branch in Tomas Morato
They have this one set of drums hanging on the wall.
I'm sure they stuck it there carefully
but still, the thoughts of them falling off and hitting someone 
can still cross your mind.

Asian Salad -  A must try!
Light citrus flavor with big chicken strips

Buffalo Wings and celery sticks
It's like they are daring you to make the healthier choice
and choose the celery sticks.  FAT CHANCE!

I ordered a half slab of their baby back ribs
The server was baffled when I also ordered plain rice.
No way am I not going to enjoy this the Filipino way!
I need my rice!

Ironically, they served their French Onion Soup last.
But hey, it can fit in any part of the meal, if you ask me.

Taste: 4 stars 
You can't go wrong with TGIF after all these years

Service: 5 Stars
The servers, the supervisors and the rest of the crew are so attentive to your needs

Ambiance: 1 star
In spite of the artistic way they have decorated their walls, 
the photo of MoTwister in their menu has ruined it for me.

Price: 3 stars
Pricey :(((
I wish Jollibee could serve Baby Back Ribs in the future!

Chopseuy Rice and Steamed Fish

We had Chopseuy rice and Steamed Fish
Our family is trying to start eating healthy... during Sundays ^_^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tao Yuan Restaurant at Resorts World

We were choosing between this and Mr.Kurosawa.  The Chinese won over the Japanese.   Since we have already experienced dining in the Euro-Japanese restaurant before and since we have children with us who could not probably eat Japanese food, we opted the safer choice.

Tao Yuan was crowded at noon today.  It was lucky for us that there was an empty table for ten.

I don't remember what the dishes were called but I do remember that they did taste good.

We were seated in table 11.  In some restaurants, the customers wouldn't know their table number.
But in this restaurant, the number is placed in the middle of the round table. LOL!

I don't usually enjoy the house tea of Chinese restaurants
but here, I actually liked it.  It's not the ordinary kind.
Jasmine essence is oozing with every cup.

I told my sister to order a vegetable dishes.
I was looking for it throughout our meal and when I asked her, 
she said the soup had vegetable in it.
So that was our vegetable dish.  LOL!

I ordered this one - Spicy Schezuan Pork dish
Ironically, even if it was topped with roasted chili, the dish wasn't spicy as expected. 

On the other hand, we had to be careful with their chicken curry.
This one was spicy.

Here's their Lapu Lapu dish.  
I almost didn't recognize it. 
The fish was buried under strips of vegetables.

This was squid dish.  Forgive me but I don't know what this was called.
But it was really good!  I swear! 

Peking duck wraps

The food goes well with ice cold Coke Light

They served complementary dessert for us.

Taste: 4 stars
Service: 3.5 stars
Price: 2 stars
Ambiance: 4 stars
(It was a pretty classy place)

Saturday Morning Fatty Breakfast

Grated garlic and butter over slices of French bread

Paired with Sunday bacon 
It is what it was called on the packaging
Should have been named Weekend Bacon instead

Some opted to balance the fat with something healthy
Cheerios cereal

It would have been a great breakfast if there was Tapsilog instead.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pillsbury: Maja Blanca

I'm about to eat this at this very moment.  

It's still quite soft and I know I still have to wait for a few minutes before I should eat it. 

But I can't wait!  I'm so hungry already.  The smell of toasted coconuts is so inviting.

And the best thing about this is it's INSTANT!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Italianni's: Un Magnifico

Well, they had something new these days and they call it Cinco Magnifico.  And today we tried one of those five - the Umbria.

Of course, we cannot do without their freshly baked bread.

We ordered Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet again.
And we even ordered take-out for my Via and my nephew for their dinner.

Actually, no one needs to order more if they order the Chicken Sicilian Salad.
It's so filling.  And you get to have all the protein, carbs and fat you need in a day.
Not to mention, some vitamins and minerals.  

We tried their Pizza Verdure for the first time.
Veggie Pizza that really has veggies on it
unlike other pizza brands.

There's even asparagus on each slice
which I have to remove because I'm not really a fan of asparagus.

Here's the Umbria - one of the Cinco Magnifico dishes
Salad with cherry tomatoes and crunchy lettuce, mushrooms topped with mozzarella and spinach,
grilled chicken wraps in skewer, and spicy pasta.
Good for two people.

The chicken wrap was filled with asparagus.
Meat was not tender hence I have to move on to the next.

This one is truly amazing.
I don't know what it's called but I really loved eating this.
Mushroom topped with mozzarella and spinach.  

Let's try more new things everyday!
(not necessarily at)
 Eastwood Mall

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cinnabon and Coffee

Been eating a lot of this over the weekend.  Somebody bought a box of Cinnabon rolls on their way to Tagaytay and it seems, I'm the only one finishing it up.

Warm cream cheese on top makes it really good.

I'm eating it up with coffee - black and no sugar.

Tagaytay Breakfast: Native Eggs and Bacon and More

We had eggs for breakfast today.

Beats my sunny side up any day.

Some Rice Crispies

I don't recommend to anyone to eat hotdogs.

But you sometimes have to have some bacon.
The crispier, the better!