Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cafe France: Fruit Tart

We drove early this morning to get an alternative breakfast for Via because there was nothing here for her except bread.  And I'm not sure if I can put anything on it to make it tasty for her.  My mom suggested that we get something for her and my nephew from Cafe France outside the village.

It was raining so hard and the driver was the one who got out of the car to buy something for the two kids.  When he came back, to my dismay, he bought fruit tarts.  I prayed that it was soft enough for Via.  No problem with Kuya Gab, though.

And so I tried my best to smash the whole thing to make it as good as baby food.  I took out the kiwi slices of course.  And I ate some of it for myself.

I did my best to smash it up.  This is the leftover by the way.


  1. the fruit tart looks good, i like the combination of colors and presentation.

  2. @michi: I think the colors were the reason why Kuya bought it by mistake. He taught it was good for a baby who's also mesmerized by colors :)... even the mom was mesmerized.

    @Nuna: Oh yes she did. She almost left nothing on the bowl.