Friday, August 5, 2011

SM Hypermarket's Taste Of Asia

My mom introduced me to her favorite dishes from Taste of Asia.  I didn't know until that time that she had dined here already.

Salt and Pepper Chicken!
I loved eating this.
I actually finished more than half of it.
And let me tell you that this was good for three people.

You cannot go wrong with a brocolli-mushroom-garlic dish.

I mistook this for a soup.
I almost scooped me a spoonful when I noted
that my mom poured it over her chicken instead
of sipping it from her spoon.
Whew! LOL!

I'm definitely going back there.


  1. salt and pepper chicken looks yummy.

  2. lol at the "soup" incident, good thing you saw it or else papait ang face mo sa sobrang asim. hehe~

  3. oh i wanna try the brocolli-mushroom-garlic dish!

  4. Is this like Dampa? Do they follow the same concept? =)