Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cajun Red Rock: Onion Rings and Iced Tea

I was alone again.  I was supposed to do some reading in CBTL but then there were no seats left.  And so I went to the restaurant almost next to it (in Atrium Megamall).

I have visited this place a couple of times before but always with someone.  This time, I ordered for myself.  They didn't have any coffee.  The waitress even offered to buy me a cup from CBTL that she could bring over my table (Now, THAT is service.)

But after seeing their list of beverages, I opted to try their Tony's Special Iced Tea drink.  I wondered how special it really was.  And also, I couldn't order anything but an appetizer because I just had lunch then.  There's still no room for anything heavy. I chose to order onion rings tower(??) instead.

They give buttered popcorn while you wait.
I wish they would give a fresh batch every time
because I thought it was stale popcorn already.

Their Tony's Special Iced Tea
Upper half is strawberry flavored
while the bottom half is green tea flavored.
I think you're not supposed to mix it up before drinking.

The waiter laughed at my reaction when I saw how humongous the rings were.
I was eating alone and this tower of onion rings is good for three or four people.
I didn't know it was going to be that much.

The upper side is covered with sesame seeds.
The under side is sprinkled with Cajun powder

Here's the interesting part: the dips.
We have Shallots dip (the green one), 
the salad dip (which from what it tasted, is a mixture of honey mustard and Ceasar salad sauce) 
and the dip with a wine in it (I forgot what wine).

Usually, there is no one dining in Cajun Red Rock on regular days.
But today, every table is with a customer.

Taste: 4 stars 
I tasted their salad and burgers before.
And the onion rings proved that their food is really special.

Ambiance: 4 stars
Subtle TGIF or Chili's environment

Price: 3 stars
Quite expensive for someone like me.

Service: 4 stars
There were only two waiters that will wait hand and foot on each customer.
But somehow, they were able to manage.


  1. ohhhh those onion rings seem delicious! i want to try! :)

  2. IMO you can never have too much onion rings. Hehehe! Love the iced tea concept. =)

  3. woah!!! i want those onion rings! :D