Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shakeys Onion Rings: Once Is Enough

My daughter loves pizza especially Shakeys Friday's Special thin crust.  

When my husband and I picked her up from school, we headed to the nearest branch in C.Raymundo Ave, Pasig.  We were really looking forward to just eating pizza for lunch.  No plans in ordering anything else, not even a soda to go along with the pizza.

However, the waitress encouraged us to try their new onion rings which caused PHP99.00 "only".  

After trying it out, I thought it was overpriced at  PHP99.00.  

I honestly was looking forward to trying out their Onion Rings with the regular onion rings in my mind.  I got all excited when I saw so many onion rings in their big basket.  It was really a big disappointment.    I even stopped my husband from finishing it all. 

Pizza is fattening enough.  Some people would consider it belonging to the Junk Food category.  I kind of agree.  But this new addition to Shakeys menu would belong to the Health Hazard category.  It's too fatty and it's too salty.  Their batter is comparable to the instant chicken batter people use at home.  The mayo dip was a must because it kind of hide the saltiness but definitely won't wash the salt on each piece of onion rings.  

On the second photo, you could see the oil dripping from each one.  I had to tap them on my plate just so I could let go of the excess oil.  But I know that wouldn't be enough.  Better squeeze each one before putting them in your mouth.  

I wish they would improve the recipe.  I would love to try it out again if only they could guarantee that it's not going to be too salty.   

Monday, February 1, 2016


 Chai Tea Frappe is one of the most underrated drinks of Starbucks.  I don't seem to hear people asking for it that often as much as their glucose-bombarded coffee drinks that they have.

I visited Starbucks today with the aim of getting on that one-month reading backlog (that entails a lot of catching up).

First purchase was a hot white chocolate mocha drink with less shuger!

Second purchase was Hot Chai Tea.  I haven't tasted Chai for so many months (probably years now) and today, I was reminded on how good the aroma as well as the taste of it was.

The Barista, the expert that they were, suggested soy milk instead of their regular milk.  Sure why not?  I didn't bother adding the two packets of honey they gave me because it was good enough on it's own.

Just a warning though.  It gets a bit bitter when you don't consume it that fast enough.  I left the tea bag inside while drinking and never bothered to pull it out.