Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pho Hoa's Beef Tenderloin

Yesterday, I dropped by Megamall for errands.  Before heading home, I called my sister to join me for lunch and she left the choice of resto up to me.  I was looking for both comfort and satisfying food.

After contemplating whether to eat some Japanese or Chinese, I finally settled for some Vietnamese food.  Where else to go in Megamall besides Pho Hoa?  Nowhere else.

My sister and I shared a bowl of Vegeterian Noodle Soup and Sizzling Tenderloin.

I HIGHLY recommend the Tenderloin dish!

You'd melt with their Tenderloin dish!
I swear!!! 

Breakfast at Pancake House

Countless visit at Pancake House but still, they never fail to give a good impression and perfect breakfast experience.

Coffee arrived first.

My daughter's breakfast plate: pancake with sausage

My light breakfast combination of BLT sandwich with potato salad.

Mann Hann at Market! Market!

I don't remember eating in Mann Hann before so when we passed by Market! Market! to buy Via's party giveaways, my sister and I decided to go for Chinese food.

I tried their version of Oyster Tempura.
Verdict is Shabu-Shabu's oyster tempura is still better.

We ordered their salt and pepper pork.
It was above average but does not really grab me that much.

I think we will be dining in Mann Hann again.
They still served a good lunch.

Baon Series: Chicken Crispies

There were extra chicken meat and we were running out of ideas on what to make for my packed lunch at work.   We had to resort to an unhealthy fried breaded white meat topped with ranch salad dressing.

Note to self:  Ranch salad dressing does not go well with rice.

Racks Ribs

After duty hours, I was driven to Racks at El Pueblo to meet with my mom and sister for lunch. We were about to discuss our plans for my daughter's birthday celebration this coming December.  

I guess brainstorming is much better with good food.

Mommy's Caesar Salad

Crispy Loaf of Onion Rings!

My favorite corn bread...

...with perfectly roasted beef steak.

Celebrating With Welch

It was a number of weeks past when I bought two bottles of Welch's Sparkling bottled drinks.  I opened one during the local TV premiere of Walking Dead Season 2.  It made it more special.  I was with my brother at that time and even though it wasn't an alcoholic drink, he appreciated it as much as I did.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Made Some Smores and More

There were two bags of marshmallows in the pantry
that has been there for a month or two already.
I would hate it to go to waste
and so I made some Smores for myself
 as a dessert after dinner tonight.

I ran out of white sugar 
So I made use of the marshmallows 
as sweetener to my coffee.

PRETTY GOOD but a bit messy! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Quick Visit to Vikings

This was the premiere visit to Vikings.
The much-talked about buffet restaurant 
since it is equivalent to that of the Heat and Spiral
(in my "ordinaryong mamamayan's" opinion).

I have frequented the appetizer table more than anywhere else
during that first visit in their MOA branch.
(Is there any other branch?)

You have to go and look for dishes in the farthest corners of the restaurant.
Or else, risk missing a lot.

There was a long line in the carving station until 2pm
when I was able to choose a small piece of lambchop
and scooped me some truffle and apricot dips.

I don't know from which part of the restaurant my mom got the oysters.

My nephew is enjoying himself going about the restaurant.

The above photo was taken by my three-year-old nephew.

Panacottas of all sorts
available at their dessert and coffee bar

Little slices of delectable cakes

I enjoyed a scoop of strawberry ice cream (packed with real strawberries)
and sprinkled it with chopped nuts (with a hint of crunchy butterscotch).

My daughter shared a plate of cakes with me.
I didn't share the tiramisu with her though.
I'm afraid she's too young for caffeine ^_^

Can you still see the plain yogurt?
I topped it off with sprinkles and nuts.  
It didn't hide the yogurt sourness
which everyone seems to enjoy except me.

Looking forward to the next visit.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baon Series: Lumpia

Best eaten when newly-cooked
I bought the Monterey Lumpia Shanghai mix

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nathaniel's Buko Pandan Salad

You make me wanna...

...finish you off!

Discovered this one years ago and kept thinking about it.
Finally, they opened a branch here in the city 
(originally from Pampanga)
and now, it's just a couple of minutes away from work.
Passed by today on my way home!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baon Series: Burger Steak

For the love of Jollibee Hamburger Steak!

If only, we could imitate that of Pancake House's!

Baon Series: Beef and Brocolli

I have been requesting this dish from our cook.
And recently, I asked her to crank it up with pitted black olives
and baby corn which I bought from the market.
Much better! Much healthier!

Ube And Cheese Ice Cream

There's more to the complimentary color combination.
They actually taste good
separately and together :)

Not My Baon Series: Sinaing Na Tulingan

Somebody brought this for lunch and dinner. 
There was a lot so it could have lasted her for another day.
I wanted to try one but it might be that good to share it with someone!

Darn!  I'm so craving for it right now!

Red Ribbon's Carbonara

I was dreaming of Jollibee's new Strawberry Sundae 
when I walked over the fence towards the other hospital next to ours.
Unfortunately, Jollibee was closed because it was the night of November 1st.
But I was lucky enough that Red Ribbon was there accommodating
hungry diners from Heart Center and East Ave.

I ordered Carbonara and Palabok for dinner.
Yes, I got two noodle dishes!
I got too excited to eat the palabok so I wasn't able to take a picture.
Both noodle dishes, Filipino and Palabok, were 
(I don't think I have tried that word before describing food)