Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Quick Visit to Vikings

This was the premiere visit to Vikings.
The much-talked about buffet restaurant 
since it is equivalent to that of the Heat and Spiral
(in my "ordinaryong mamamayan's" opinion).

I have frequented the appetizer table more than anywhere else
during that first visit in their MOA branch.
(Is there any other branch?)

You have to go and look for dishes in the farthest corners of the restaurant.
Or else, risk missing a lot.

There was a long line in the carving station until 2pm
when I was able to choose a small piece of lambchop
and scooped me some truffle and apricot dips.

I don't know from which part of the restaurant my mom got the oysters.

My nephew is enjoying himself going about the restaurant.

The above photo was taken by my three-year-old nephew.

Panacottas of all sorts
available at their dessert and coffee bar

Little slices of delectable cakes

I enjoyed a scoop of strawberry ice cream (packed with real strawberries)
and sprinkled it with chopped nuts (with a hint of crunchy butterscotch).

My daughter shared a plate of cakes with me.
I didn't share the tiramisu with her though.
I'm afraid she's too young for caffeine ^_^

Can you still see the plain yogurt?
I topped it off with sprinkles and nuts.  
It didn't hide the yogurt sourness
which everyone seems to enjoy except me.

Looking forward to the next visit.


  1. This entry made me want to go back to Vikings! I haven't fully maximized my dining experience there since I wasn't curious enough to check the farthest corners of the resto.. >.<

    Btw, I also made a feature of Vikings' Eat-all-you can Buffet ^^

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm drooling here sis!

  3. I miss vikings! sad i was not able to purchase their recent deal in deal grocer! :)