Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pho Hoa's Beef Tenderloin

Yesterday, I dropped by Megamall for errands.  Before heading home, I called my sister to join me for lunch and she left the choice of resto up to me.  I was looking for both comfort and satisfying food.

After contemplating whether to eat some Japanese or Chinese, I finally settled for some Vietnamese food.  Where else to go in Megamall besides Pho Hoa?  Nowhere else.

My sister and I shared a bowl of Vegeterian Noodle Soup and Sizzling Tenderloin.

I HIGHLY recommend the Tenderloin dish!

You'd melt with their Tenderloin dish!
I swear!!! 


  1. that's something to try, thanks for the reco. Will pay pho hoa a visit

  2. The food looks so tempting! :) I haven't eaten at Pho Hoa yet, but I'll give it a try soon.