Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Heat's Featured Dessert

During the latest visit in the Heat (Shangri-la Plaza Hotel), I was able to try their featured dessert: Raspberry Molten Brownie Double Shot Vodka Cheesecake.

The name is a mouthful but I don't mind.  You really have to include all of them because it does contribute to how good it was.

I took just a small slice from the small squared cheesecake but it was more than good enough for me.  It was so rich and thick that I even have to slow down to taste every bit of it.

With the pipette, you can drizzle it over the cake, inject the fluid or squeeze them in your mouth.

Through the years, I've noticed that there are a fewer people eating in hotel buffets after the emergence of more affordable restaurants with their own smorgasbord.  But sometimes, it's okay to splurge on the better stuff.

KitKat Uji Matcha

This is probably a late post for almost everyone since people have tried the Japanese green tea version of KitKat already.  About two years ago, my parents came from their trip and they bought the a bag of bite sized KitKat with different out-of-this-world flavours.  

I'm usually open when it comes to different kinds of food.  It doesn't mean that I have to like them.  I've tried and I've made up my mind that I don't like the green tea flavoured KitKat.  I'd rather stick to the original chocolate version.   

More than a week ago, my brother and sister came from Japan and they bought home boxes of Uji Matcha flavoured KitKat (that makes me the only one in the family that hasn't been to that country). Everyone liked the green tea version which until now, could not understand.  

During our visit to her grandparents house, she got this from the small fridge upstairs.  She wanted to try these because she thought it will turn her into her favourite Clumsy Ninja.  I didn't know she could identify the Japanese characters on the box and relate it to her Clumsy Ninja app.  

When she tried it, her face crumpled in disgust but she swallowed them anyway.  She said she didn't want it because it tasted like leaves.  I didn't even know that she knows how leaves taste.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shakeys Onion Rings: Once Is Enough

My daughter loves pizza especially Shakeys Friday's Special thin crust.  

When my husband and I picked her up from school, we headed to the nearest branch in C.Raymundo Ave, Pasig.  We were really looking forward to just eating pizza for lunch.  No plans in ordering anything else, not even a soda to go along with the pizza.

However, the waitress encouraged us to try their new onion rings which caused PHP99.00 "only".  

After trying it out, I thought it was overpriced at  PHP99.00.  

I honestly was looking forward to trying out their Onion Rings with the regular onion rings in my mind.  I got all excited when I saw so many onion rings in their big basket.  It was really a big disappointment.    I even stopped my husband from finishing it all. 

Pizza is fattening enough.  Some people would consider it belonging to the Junk Food category.  I kind of agree.  But this new addition to Shakeys menu would belong to the Health Hazard category.  It's too fatty and it's too salty.  Their batter is comparable to the instant chicken batter people use at home.  The mayo dip was a must because it kind of hide the saltiness but definitely won't wash the salt on each piece of onion rings.  

On the second photo, you could see the oil dripping from each one.  I had to tap them on my plate just so I could let go of the excess oil.  But I know that wouldn't be enough.  Better squeeze each one before putting them in your mouth.  

I wish they would improve the recipe.  I would love to try it out again if only they could guarantee that it's not going to be too salty.   

Monday, February 1, 2016


 Chai Tea Frappe is one of the most underrated drinks of Starbucks.  I don't seem to hear people asking for it that often as much as their glucose-bombarded coffee drinks that they have.

I visited Starbucks today with the aim of getting on that one-month reading backlog (that entails a lot of catching up).

First purchase was a hot white chocolate mocha drink with less shuger!

Second purchase was Hot Chai Tea.  I haven't tasted Chai for so many months (probably years now) and today, I was reminded on how good the aroma as well as the taste of it was.

The Barista, the expert that they were, suggested soy milk instead of their regular milk.  Sure why not?  I didn't bother adding the two packets of honey they gave me because it was good enough on it's own.

Just a warning though.  It gets a bit bitter when you don't consume it that fast enough.  I left the tea bag inside while drinking and never bothered to pull it out.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trail Mixes

I'm a fan of trail mixes.  However, the branded bags that we get to buy in the supermarkets are either non existent or too pricey for any regular Juan.

Yesterday, I had a big pack of Sugo spicy peanuts from home.  Before going up to the office, I passed by MiniStop to get some energy boosters (since work starts at past noon - the unholy hours).   I grabbed two packs of M&Ms (along with Kopiko which is my favourite coffee drink at the moment).

I didn't know that I had a trail mix in the making in my bag.  During our 10-minute break (yes, being a part-timer, I only get to enjoy 10 minutes break time), I decided to mix my Sugo and the chocolate candies.  While munching, I was thinking that in my next trip to the supermarket, I'll probably look for other things to mix with this one like salted pretzels, crunchy breakfast cereals, corn chips etcetera.   The list is limitless.  


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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spicy Noodle Dish

 I was browsing Buzz Feed and I came across an article on the best comfort food there is:  A list of soups that I can make (according to them) easily.

I tried the Chicken Vermicelli in spicy curry soup.  This household loves spicy dishes that's why I chose it from the list. And besides, almost all of the ingredients are at hand.

I cooked the chicken in chicken broth plus coconut milk plus chili powder and ginger plus salt.  And then added the vermicelli much later.

It was supposed to be a soup dish but the vermicelli absorbed most of the soup.  Still, it's was as good as I hoped it would be especially when it was still hot from the stove.  

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It's Not Even Friday

I have two pizza phases. I call them Pizza Hut phase and Shakeys phase.  Well, these past few months, it has been Shakeys thin crust pizzas.

My daughter has learned to love Shakeys thin crust.  My husband and I always order their Friday's Special.  Fish on pizza doesn't sound as appealing as when you actually taste it.  For me, it's really the best one they have.  I have to say, they do have the best thin crust around.

I've tried deep dish and pan pizzas but I always go back to the thin crust.

Shakeys C.Raymundo Branch

Taste:  5 / 5
I ordered my favourite.  It was still a favourite when I left the pizza parlour.

Ambience:  4 / 5
It was crowded and noisy.  Good thing, they didn't play loud music to add to the unsettling air.

Service:  3.5 / 5
The restaurant at that time was quite packed because of the Monday Madness over Chicken and Mojos promo.  There were many servers and attendants but they couldn't seem to address all the customers waiting to be attended to.  

Cost:  1 / 5
Still expensive as before.  I actually think their pizzas are overpriced for so little ingredients.  I realized during this visit that we don't need to buy the Supercard (only applicable for delivery and take out) which cost for about PHP2000.  Prices go up when you order for take out and delivery.  That means, pizzas cost more.  In the long run, the P2000 you paid initially will cover all the cost of their regular priced items.  It was really misleading.


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