Sunday, April 3, 2016

KitKat Uji Matcha

This is probably a late post for almost everyone since people have tried the Japanese green tea version of KitKat already.  About two years ago, my parents came from their trip and they bought the a bag of bite sized KitKat with different out-of-this-world flavours.  

I'm usually open when it comes to different kinds of food.  It doesn't mean that I have to like them.  I've tried and I've made up my mind that I don't like the green tea flavoured KitKat.  I'd rather stick to the original chocolate version.   

More than a week ago, my brother and sister came from Japan and they bought home boxes of Uji Matcha flavoured KitKat (that makes me the only one in the family that hasn't been to that country). Everyone liked the green tea version which until now, could not understand.  

During our visit to her grandparents house, she got this from the small fridge upstairs.  She wanted to try these because she thought it will turn her into her favourite Clumsy Ninja.  I didn't know she could identify the Japanese characters on the box and relate it to her Clumsy Ninja app.  

When she tried it, her face crumpled in disgust but she swallowed them anyway.  She said she didn't want it because it tasted like leaves.  I didn't even know that she knows how leaves taste.  

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  1. sis! you are not the only one. I was given a full pack of kitkat green tea flavor on my birthday after i tasted it i ended up giving the whole pack to my little cousins who also didn't like the taste. =D

    Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for reading my pet dog, Herbie's last 2 painful days. =(