Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trail Mixes

I'm a fan of trail mixes.  However, the branded bags that we get to buy in the supermarkets are either non existent or too pricey for any regular Juan.

Yesterday, I had a big pack of Sugo spicy peanuts from home.  Before going up to the office, I passed by MiniStop to get some energy boosters (since work starts at past noon - the unholy hours).   I grabbed two packs of M&Ms (along with Kopiko which is my favourite coffee drink at the moment).

I didn't know that I had a trail mix in the making in my bag.  During our 10-minute break (yes, being a part-timer, I only get to enjoy 10 minutes break time), I decided to mix my Sugo and the chocolate candies.  While munching, I was thinking that in my next trip to the supermarket, I'll probably look for other things to mix with this one like salted pretzels, crunchy breakfast cereals, corn chips etcetera.   The list is limitless.  


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