Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TGIF Lunch

This is my first time to visit their branch in Tomas Morato
They have this one set of drums hanging on the wall.
I'm sure they stuck it there carefully
but still, the thoughts of them falling off and hitting someone 
can still cross your mind.

Asian Salad -  A must try!
Light citrus flavor with big chicken strips

Buffalo Wings and celery sticks
It's like they are daring you to make the healthier choice
and choose the celery sticks.  FAT CHANCE!

I ordered a half slab of their baby back ribs
The server was baffled when I also ordered plain rice.
No way am I not going to enjoy this the Filipino way!
I need my rice!

Ironically, they served their French Onion Soup last.
But hey, it can fit in any part of the meal, if you ask me.

Taste: 4 stars 
You can't go wrong with TGIF after all these years

Service: 5 Stars
The servers, the supervisors and the rest of the crew are so attentive to your needs

Ambiance: 1 star
In spite of the artistic way they have decorated their walls, 
the photo of MoTwister in their menu has ruined it for me.

Price: 3 stars
Pricey :(((
I wish Jollibee could serve Baby Back Ribs in the future!


  1. i miss cajun chicken fingers and the spicy new orleans pasta

  2. natawa naman ko kay motwister. =)

  3. kakagutom posts mo!!! :D

  4. I've always been meaning to try French Onion Soup, but never got around to doing it! Can you compare this with French Baker's version? :)

  5. Hey Madz! TGIF's French Onion Soup is far better than that of French Baker's. TGIF's got a lot of Mozzarella making the entire thing really thick. Meanwhile, French Baker's got a lot of Onion. Which one is more authentic (in terms of being French), I have no idea. I tasted other French Onion soup from other restos and it resembles that of French Baker's. TGIF's a real stand out.

  6. hehe! natawa ako sa mo twister pics on the menu.