Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tao Yuan Restaurant at Resorts World

We were choosing between this and Mr.Kurosawa.  The Chinese won over the Japanese.   Since we have already experienced dining in the Euro-Japanese restaurant before and since we have children with us who could not probably eat Japanese food, we opted the safer choice.

Tao Yuan was crowded at noon today.  It was lucky for us that there was an empty table for ten.

I don't remember what the dishes were called but I do remember that they did taste good.

We were seated in table 11.  In some restaurants, the customers wouldn't know their table number.
But in this restaurant, the number is placed in the middle of the round table. LOL!

I don't usually enjoy the house tea of Chinese restaurants
but here, I actually liked it.  It's not the ordinary kind.
Jasmine essence is oozing with every cup.

I told my sister to order a vegetable dishes.
I was looking for it throughout our meal and when I asked her, 
she said the soup had vegetable in it.
So that was our vegetable dish.  LOL!

I ordered this one - Spicy Schezuan Pork dish
Ironically, even if it was topped with roasted chili, the dish wasn't spicy as expected. 

On the other hand, we had to be careful with their chicken curry.
This one was spicy.

Here's their Lapu Lapu dish.  
I almost didn't recognize it. 
The fish was buried under strips of vegetables.

This was squid dish.  Forgive me but I don't know what this was called.
But it was really good!  I swear! 

Peking duck wraps

The food goes well with ice cold Coke Light

They served complementary dessert for us.

Taste: 4 stars
Service: 3.5 stars
Price: 2 stars
Ambiance: 4 stars
(It was a pretty classy place)


  1. I think that was pepper and garlic squid (or something like that). That's my favorite!

  2. hi sis!

    good shots! may i ask what brand/model of camera you are using? my sister is asking for a point and shoot camera recommendation. :) thanks!

  3. i'm not big on chinese food, especially if it's authentic. there's just something about it that my taste buds don't like. but if i happen to visit this resto i'd like to try their spicy schezuan pork dish.

  4. i love tao yuan! :) it's so hard to get seats during peak hours though hahaha!

  5. @all: thanks girls for visiting ^_^

    @Claire: I have a hand-me-down Sony Cyber Shot ... the zoom in function is not working :D

    @Marj: I wonder what's in Chinese food that you don't like :D