Friday, August 5, 2011

Lunch at Jatujak

This is my first time to try the Thai food from Jatujak which was a small restaurant in Megamall.  Good thing we passed that particular way or else, I would have not tried their good food today.

The Thai Green Tea and Thai Iced Tea

Chicken Salad
This is great appetizer 
because the entire thing is almost submerged
 in light vinegar, chili and sugar.

Kangkong dish

Everyone who visits Jatujak needs to try 
their Pineapple Curry Fried Rice

Their is this squid dish... 
I forgot what they called it
but it's not the stuffed squid we were supposed to order.


  1. we always pass by this restaurant, haven't read reviews about this yet, good thing you did... YEY!

    The rice and squid looks good though~

  2. Love iced teas! Theirs look tasty. =)

  3. that dish with squid does look tasty!