Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snacking on Cafe France

Last Saturday, I went out of the house to join my nephew and my sister in Cafe France (formerly Delifrance) beside Jollibee along Libis.

I don't know the reason why they changed their business name but they do have the same menu.

...Well, maybe not this one.
This is the first time I saw a Choco Bun displayed on their trays.
I tried it out.  It was hollow inside with a minimum layer of custard.
I wish they gave a large helping of custard inside.

California Chicken Sandwich
I took a picture just before the nanny cut it into 
little pieces for my nephew who didn't finish the whole thing.

This is what I ordered.
A plate of Carbonara with bacon bits and thick cheesy carbonara sauce.

This is a good one.
I don't know exactly what it's called.
But there's salmon inside that is half cooked.
It's like you're eating Salmon Sashimi sandwich.

I tried their Red Grape for my drink.


  1. The carbonara looks good. =)

  2. you really take good food pictures sis! :) everything looks yummy as always.

  3. oh yeah the delifrance, now called cafe france. i haven't gone to this cafe, i think i should schedule a visit soon.

  4. gusto ko tikman yung drink. yum.

  5. @blackshirt: It tastes really good too. Hindi nakakaumay sis :)

    @Sugar: thanks sis. Hope I'm getting better at taking photos up close. My point and shoot cam's zoom function is not functioning so it's extra hard to take pics... When I go up close, I cast a shadow on the subject :((

  6. looks delicious! :) i miss manila so much.