Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blush Cupcakes

My nephews teachers in his play school gave him a box of Blush Cupcakes which can be bought in Sixty Fifty grounds (beside Shopwise) in Libis.  I have seen their little dainty shop but I have never bought any cupcakes from them.

Since my nephew only likes Oreo for dessert, he kinda snubbed the cupcakes.  And so my sister and I were able to share the box of cupcakes.

Somebody shook the box during shipping (from school to our house LOL!)
and so the cupcakes where almost upside down in their tray.

I wasn't able to taste the chocolate cupcake but 
I definitely enjoyed the peach-colored cupcake
that tasted like butter cake.


  1. Looks delish! =) Sad reminder though that I gotta cut back on my sugar these days. =(

  2. they look super yummy and so cute! :3 i live too far from libis though. :/