Friday, May 6, 2011

SugarFree Bar

I'm currently biting on some kind of dark chocolate right this minute.  These are the only kind of chocolate my parents and my sister are eating.  Meanwhile, I prefer milk chocolates especially that of Hershey's, Goya's and Meiji brand.

Since my family opts for the healthier choices in food, I know they couldn't do without the bad ones.  And we're really happy to find something like Doctor's Carb Rite's SugarFree Bar of dark chocolate.  There is zero grams of carbohydrates that sadly, raises our blood sugar as fast as we digest them.

The Taste.

It tastes much better than the regular dark chocolates I've eaten before because it's not as bitter.  I think the most bitter dark chocolate I've tasted are those round ones from Tagaytay that you make as dark chocolate drink and that of Lindt which is 90% dark chocolate. (Yes, I've bitten into those round Tableas ahaha!  Walang patawad talaga! )


  1. Ooh, chocolate! Excited agad eh, no? Haha. I love my chocolates dark and milk equally, especially if there are nuts too. =) Where did you get this sis?

  2. sis, sa Healthy Options. Naki kain lang ako sa food ng parents ko... hindi naman kasi ako bawal ng sugar and carbs unlike them :D

  3. wow naman. nakaka-tempt ubusin ang 1 bar!