Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prince of Persia: Good For Sharing

Last night, I was able to pay my second visit to Prince of Persia  in Eastwood City.  I was with my sister and brother last night who both frequent the small restaurant.  I was the only one who didn't really know what to order.  

We were with my nephew, my Via, my brother's girlfriend and the two nannies.  And we all enjoyed the meal we ordered together.  My brother, my nanny and I kept pouring the bottle of garlic mayo sauce over our rice and the waiter kept refilling it for us.  I ate a lot of rice and sadly, I can't seem to feel satisfied.  I wanted more.  I think I finished one serving plus I got spoonfulls of rice from another serving.  

You have to forgive me but I don't recall the names of what we ordered last night.  All I remembered is that the meals range from P100 to P280.00, I think. 

All I can say is that everything was not so appetizing to look at 
but believe you me when I say that one bite will make 
you want another one and another one.
I'm sure a lot has already tried and could attest 
to how delicious the restaurant's food is.
Everything is buttery and smoky-flavored.  
It's a wonderful combination.


  1. haha! i actually like persian food. :) i usually troop over mr. kebab whenever i get hungry. ^_^

  2. The rice is so addicting that's why! Haha! A pat of butter does the trick! Saruupp!

  3. i missed kebab from the ph! curry ba yung parang soup?

    hey replying from your post on my blog, thanks for visiting and I pray you find your own cell group too.

    if you are living around ortigas, you may visit victory christian fellowship, madami din silang cell group that will be your friends and prayer partners.

    God bless.

  4. Wee another kebab place to try! Actually I've been thinking to dine in their Megamall branch for numerous times already, di lang natutuloy. I'm now convinced to go there!

  5. @Sugar: I haven't tried Mr.Kebab yet :(

    @Gian: yah sis, it's just so sad that lots of butter is bad for us. But it's just too delicious to resist.

    @Hahpiness: I will look around for them sis, thanks!

    @Madz: I didn't know they had Prince of Persia in Megamall sis. tagal ko na yatang di nakaikot dun :) I only know Kebab Factory in Megamall :D

  6. matry nga ang persian food.
    thanks for the visit..:)