Friday, April 29, 2011

The Heat: What's On My Plate

What I love in this restaurant is that every visit allows me to taste something new.  Since it's nearby, it's so easy to choose this restaurant for extra special luncheons and dinners.

Last night, I couldn't pass up another dinner at the Heat even though I woke up at three in the morning for work and I still haven't had any naps yet (because of the Royal Wedding).  And so after I got ready (while watching the wedding on cable television), I ran off to the hotel where my parents were waiting.

People have been used to me taking pictures before eating them.  It's like saying a little prayer and a lot of appreciation of what's in my plate.  They don't find it uncanny anymore.  Good thing because I'm not in the mood to feel awkward last night.

I went to the noodle soup corner.  I chose my dimsum and a lot of shrimps to place in my soup bowl.
My pick was my favorite thin and firm egg noodles poured with curry and chicken broth.
The one before me chose beef broth.  I was supposed to follow suit but since I have been
eating instant noodles frequently, I tried something which I don't get in an instant cup. 

Next stop was in the little Indian corner.  I got some long-grained rice, lamb tandoori and shrimp tandoori.
I also got a spicy yogurt sauce (raita?) that I poured over my rice. 
I really find this delicious.  If I wasn't about to try everything else, I would have gotten second
servings for this plate.  It reminded me of the buffet in Orchard hotel in Singapore.

Next stop was grilled seafood.
I got some lobster and scallops poured with lemon butter.

I got my favorite Spicy Tuna Salad from their Japanese corner.
As usual, it's the only thing I look for in a Japanese restaurant.

This is Yorkshire pudding which is just another word for savory bread.
It's supposed to be a siding to roast beef but I wasn't in the mood for any last night.
Instead, I went to the cheese corner and got myself a bit of  gruyere, telaggio and brie cheese
which all tasted a bit disgusting if you ask me.  I guess cheddar cheese is the only cheese for me.

The photo above is supposed to focus on the custard.  
I really love custard and so, I got some from the crepe corner and included it in my dessert plate.

For dessert, I got Baklava, three meringue, raspberry creme brulee and pistachio cake slice.

The little slice of pistachio cake was really delicious.  
I swear by it.  There's a lot of crunchy pistachios in the middle mixed well with 
the chocolate layer down below.  It's is super delicious.  Not even so sweet.  

The twins! 
I stopped over again over the grilled seafood corner and got me another 
batch of lobsters. They are smaller than what we usually see.
It's easy to eat them contrary to what you would think when you look at them.

Okay.  This is my first time to eat figs.  The only way I ate them before 
was by eating Fig Newtons. And I was really curious 
how they tasted liken when you eat them in their true form.
And so, I found out that Fig Newtons really did have figs 
because it tastes exactly like them. LOL!

I was trying to digest what I just ate and so while waiting for that to happen, 
I got myself a plate of nibblers.
I got some apricots, pistachios, almonds....

... and a lot of dark and white chocolate chips.

Last stop was the crepe corner.

I chose custard and apple cinnamon for it's filling.

I really thought it was a good choice.  
And I'm so happy with it.
I topped it off with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream
and it was perfect with the warm custard and apple cinnamon filling.

And that's my latest trip to the Heat.


  1. everything looks so delicious sis! i'm sooo inggit haha! =)

  2. parang sarap ng meringue!! I've been trying to make homemade meringue with no success

  3. You ate all those? o.O And here I thought I could eat a lot! *grins* Love the desserts!

  4. everything looks so yummy! especially that pistachio cake and crepe!

  5. FOOD PORN! Haaaay! I never tried going to Heat yet because I haven't tried going to any eat-all-you-cans! But this is definitely worth a try. I guess I have to stave myself for the entire day though. Those lobsters are ozzaaam! Thanks for this post sis! :)

  6. oohhlala! lots of mouth-watering foods!
    where can I find The Heat?

  7. @pereginator: wow sis, I haven't tried making meringue before. All I know is how to eat them. If I did, I would probably give it away during halloween festivities in our neighborhood :D

    @blackshirt: Yes sis, I ate all those. Bow!

    @Gian: Sis, you don't need to starve before going here :) kasi nakaka build up na ng appetite pag nakita mo yung buffet table. heheh! also, the lobsters are so light on the tummy.

    @mel: Sis, Heat is in Shangri-la Plaza Hotel beside the Shang Mall.