Saturday, April 9, 2011

S&R's New York Style Pizza

We had pizza for dinner along with the chips we bought on the road.  We happen to see S&R in Puregold Supermarket in Subic.  The last time I ate S&R pizza was more than five years ago when we last bought our groceries from S&R.

I think we had an 18" New York Style pizza because there were 11 of us but we're not able to finish the whole thing.  It wasn't so bad.  In fact, I liked it because it was packed with meat, mushrooms and some vegetables.  There was also a generous serving of cheese on the pizza.

You would know it was really New York style because of the thick crust (thicker than that of Pizza Hut's) and thinner inner crust.  Hence, when you don't want to make a mess, don't eat the square-cut pizza at the middle.

Good thing somebody took this photo because
when I got their, the thing was almost half done. 


  1. s&R's pizza is definitely LOVE :D

  2. which is why i want to be a member of S&R too! hehe

  3. Thanks sis Anne for sharing that tidbit about New York style crust. It's always nice to know something new. :P

  4. twas my first time to eat S&R's new york style pizza last saturday.. grabe, ang Sarap nga!