Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yakimix is All About Sushi

Our family is a sucker for Japanese food and restaurants.  And so, during one family dinner, we opted to go to Yakimix in Morato QC.

I think Yakimix is the only restaurant I have seen which had a wide variety of sushi in one buffet table.  I think they have more kinds of sushi than the menu of Sumo Sam.  Unfortunately, they didn't allow me to take pictures of their buffet table.  Two people stopped me from taking some shots and offered that they take my picture instead with the buffet on the background.  But I said no thanks.  I didn't want my face on the photos that I'm planning to post in this blog. Teehee!   

But I was able to take some shots because I was that fast.  And because they really don't take note that I'm taking photos while I was on my seat.  Unfortunately, I didn't eat that much sushi because I was taking note of my rice intake.  

I tasted four out of around twenty four types of sushi.  
Talk about passing up the chance.  
I wish I was able to take a picture of the buffet of sushi
because it would have been a very colorful interesting photo if I did.

My plate of raw food.

The above is Japanese Spicy Bacon still to be placed on the grill. 
I think this was the only dish I liked.  
But since it's bacon, I didn't dare eat a lot of it. 

This was my sister's second plate of sushi.  
I was awed by how much sushi she was getting but
I didn't say anything because she easily gets mad when
she is restrained from eating a lot.

Did I tell you it was my mom's birthday?
And this is the best they can do.
Put a lot of whip cream on a slice of cake in their buffet table.

The buffet of raw food.

Appetizers mostly a different version of kimchi dishes.

I think these were the cook dishes.
I think but I'm not so sure.
These pictures have been on my file for so long now.

Another table of cooked Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes.

This shrimp and corn dish made an impact because it was so simple.
Initially, I thought it was shrimp salad which is one of my favorite
Chinese food but it wasn't.
The sauce resembles corn soup but it was really thick.
And there were slices of tofu.
And that's it.  I think I have an idea of how to prepare this dish. 

One of their fruit tarts.

Their not-so-sweet blueberry cheesecake

I think this one was called Hong Kong Jello heheh! 
Well, not really but something like that.  

All in all, I wasn't really satisfied with the dining experience.  
I'm not thrilled about waiting in line to take a seat
 (although we were able to get a table early during that time).  
And I'm not impressed that the staff had to shout
 something Japanese every time someone new comes in.  
I really thought this restaurant IS over-rated.  
For me it was a very pretentious and pompous
Japanese, Korean and Chinese restaurant.
That's just me.  
But let me emphasize that the food is great.  
Food in whatever form will always be great
and deserves an applause just because it is a blessing from above.  
And I'm not the one to say anything bad about them.


  1. Sis try Sambokojin next! Haven't tried it yet but they say it's heaven!

  2. Food is indeed a blessing, and one I will never say no to! Haha. Nahahalata ang matakaw. Not so fond of Japanese food though, as I am not fond of raw food in general. The only decent Japanese resto we have here is Tokyo Tokyo and 90% of the time I go for shrimp tempura (that, or tonkatsu). One time my BF made me try the sashimi with wasabi, I nearly spit it out again. I'm sticking to my tempura and miso soup, thanks very much. ;)

  3. @Gian: sis san ang Sambokojin? (crossing my fingers na malapit lang) Na-curious ako :D

    @Blackshirt: heheh! sis, naku I love Sashimi especially the tuna. And ako din, I love tempura :D good thing hindi naiiba lasa ng tempura and tempura sauce from one restaurant to another :D

  4. The fruit tarts and the bacon look really good! :)

    (thanks for the pics, my stomach is rumbling :))

  5. Sis, it's here in Eastwood! I know there are other branches pero di ko rin alam hehe!

  6. @Kirin: yes sis, the bacon is really good. It's not fatty when you grill it.

    @Gian: sis, walking distance lang ako from Eastwood city :) good thing. Will definitely try to look for that resto. Thanks sis!

  7. Why do they forbid taking photos of the buffet table? Is there any harm in that? It just doesn't make sense.

  8. I think the prohibition on taking pictures a way to protect their store concept. Anyway kakakain lang din namin dito and the food is really good!
    Sadly mashado na kami nabusog kaya wala na kaming nakain nadessert halos.

    Sambokojin is a must try for you as well :)

  9. Walking distance ka sis? LET'S GO! I work here! Haha!

  10. @madz: They didn't give any good reason but @Dimples may have guessed right.

    @Gian: wow, sis! lapit mo lang pala everyday. I'm on the other side of Libis (across Eastwood)

    @april: Naku sis, I forgot how much per head :(( sorry about that.