Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FIC Durian Ice Cream

My father bought FIC Durian Ice Cream during the weekend.  

When he opened the half-gallon of ice cream, the sweet smell (not stench) of Durian fruit filled the ground floor of our small home in Tagaytay.  The smell resembles the taste of Durian milky candies/pastilles.  

And so I had to get up from my chair and grabbed me a cup of it.  The taste was too sweet, unfortunately.  I'm not really a fan of the fruit.  (I am not really a fruit person of any kind.)  I was just really curious how it tasted.  I thought it was bad for my parents who are cutting off on their sugar.  But since my father enjoyed it that much, I didn't dare tell him while he was finishing his cup. I told him after he finished his two scoops that he shouldn't get another serving.  

Still, something as interesting as this flavor is worth a try.  

I couldn't finish my cup.


  1. I love anything durian!;) In our family, I think it's only my brother who can't stand it. We even made "mango" float before as dessert but substituted mangoes with durian instead. Hehe!

  2. i love durian! but haven't tried this one :)

  3. i still have to try a durian...the fruit and the ice cream. hehe!

  4. I love durian! But I love the fruit more than the durian-flavored dairy products.

  5. I like ice cream, but I don't think I can ever try durian flavored ice cream. =)