Friday, April 1, 2011

Peach Sisters' Ice Cream Sandwich

One week ago, we went to the Peach Sisters' compound in Tagaytay to hear mass.  After the mass, we hung out for a while in the church grounds while the rest of the church goers left.  That way, we avoided the long line of cars going out of the single gate of the compound.

While waiting, we visited the church's little store/souvenir shop.

They had this board posted with a lot announcements including 
what was for sale.  And so, the one that says "Ice Cream Sandwich"
sign caught my attention.  I eventually bought the one with French Vanilla flavor.
The cost was somewhat steep but since it was going to church
I didn't mind.

It was really small like the size of a credit card.
But it was packed.  

I was expecting an ice cream sandwich like that of Presto or Dairy Queen.
But it wasn't like that.  It was made of wafer that was probably made
by the Peach sisters.  And the ice cream wasn't that sweet.

I liked it very much. It was very filling. 
One was enough for me.


  1. hi! there's Peach Sister's pala? :-) didn't know that. we've been visiting Pink Sister's lang kasi before.

  2. your blog posts make me feel hungry all the time XD
    And now, it's ice cream sandwich! Agh! *must have some* :))

  3. @chyng: 50 pesos sis :( so expensive. parang forced donation heheh!

  4. Ang sarap tingnan! Medyo malayo lang ang Tagaytay for me... Hahaha. :)

  5. sarap naman! :) nag crave tuloy ako! hehe!

  6. looks like a block of cheese! sana may makita akong ice cream sandwich sa moa.