Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late Lunch at Figaro

Awhile ago, my brother and I met our sister at Shangri-la mall.  We got some gift checks from our mom to spend in the mall. However, we end up eating instead.

I think my siblings understood my need to take pictures of the food we eat every meal.  They even waited for me to take pics of their own food before they actually eat it.

This time, we stopped by at Figaro.  It was our parents' favorite cafe even though they both don't drink real coffee.

Today we ordered the following:

The Five Cheese Pizza
I wonder if there were really five types of cheese in this pizza. 
The amount of cheese is much less than those Ultimate Cheese Pizza of Pizza Hut.
But my sister wanted this more than the regular pizza we buy
from the more well-known pizza restaurants.
Tabasco sauce goes well with this pizza, by the way.

I turned over the slice of pizza and found out it was made of focaccia bread.

I love Pasta ala Carlo.
It was with this pasta that I learned about pesto and basil leaves
years ago.  Also, because of Figaro's Pasta ala Carlo, we learned 
to prepare non-creamy spaghetti. Instead, we started using olive
oil in our pasta at home. 

Chicken Caesar Sandwich
This was what my brother ordered.
I don't know the taste
hence, I couldn't give you a review.
But he seemed to like it very much.

My sister tried Figaro's Peach Latte.
I recommended that she try it because I already did
weeks ago.  I also told her not to put any sugar in it
because the sweet aroma of peach syrup in the coffee is enough
to make you think it is that sweet.

Here's the newest thing I tried from Figaro.
It's White Chocolate Macadamia Roast.
I like this drink because it was not too sweet.
I asked if they have a sugar substitute. But they told me
that they were using real white chocolate bars
and couldn't find any substitute for that.
Well, that works for me too. LOL!


  1. And this is the reason why I want to go back to FIGARO = WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT FROST!

    The sandwich looks yummy too

  2. @kitten: I stand corrected :D

    @keuriseupe: ahahah! yes, pizza!!! :)

  3. i might try that 5cheese pizza, but never the basil pasta. nasira tyan ko jan sa Bangkok. 1-day akong bed rest! haha

  4. i love their grilled chicken sandwich and I wanna try their pasta next :D