Sunday, March 13, 2011

CBTL's Apple Caramel Blended Cream

Awhile ago, we were in Trinoma because my sister had to meet someone for a (monkey) business transaction.  LOL!  She made the meeting place to be in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf because it was nearby Kimpura where we ate lunch (another blog post for that, though).

Since I don't frequent these pricey coffee shops anymore these days, I ordered their featured new drink - Apple Caramel Blended Cream.  I'm a fan of anything that is caramelized (hence, my love for leche flan).

It seems that I was drinking a creamy apple juice with a hint of caramel.  I'm not that thrilled with the drink at all. Maybe it's because of my preference for coffee that my taste bud was looking for it when I entered CBTL.  Too bad, I should have bought myself a coffee drink instead.

Anyway, it was still good to try something new.


  1. I wanted to try it also but it's pricey.. maybe next payday i will.

  2. i couldn't imagine the taste of that creamy apple, maybe a yogurt apple flavor?

    i am not too adventurous whenever i enter coffee shops. i just want plain coffee or iced mocha. always the safe choice :D

  3. I prefer CBTL than Starbucks as I like the taste of their coffee more. But I think I'm not that adventurous to try the apple caramel blended cream. Btw, how much is it? Maybe if the price is reasonable I will try. :)