Sunday, March 6, 2011

Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse

You can't go wrong with a crowd pleaser like Chocolate Mousse.  Somehow, it's considered a step-up dessert from the common banana (teehee!).  I think most bakeshop has this for sale.  And they usually taste the same.  And somehow, they all look alike.

I just don't recall any other brand that has 
a brownie base that is just too sweet for comfort.
So when I ate a slice today, I left the bottom part 
for fear of raising my sugar levels.  

I usually love KFC's brownie even though 
it is a really sweet mixture of dark chocolate.
The difference is that it is expected.  
Meanwhile, while I was eating Red Ribbon's chocolate mousse,
 the base was an explosion of sweetness 
that was far different from the smooth and subtle sweetness of 
the creamy chocolate layer (which is my favorite).  

But of course, even though I left the brownie part, you can tell, 
I enjoyed eating my piece of cake.


  1. mmmmmmm.... ^____,__^ yummy! i love red ribbon's choco mousse too!

  2. this is my favorite red ribbon cake!

  3. havent tasted this. lagi na lang kasi black forest natitikman ko :(