Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yakisoba Spicy Chicken Flavor

I need two packs of these in order to call it a meal.

This is one of the instances that an instant noodle that is more cheaper is better than the real thing.  I tried ordering Yakisoba in Japanese restaurants but I haven't found anything that is more enjoyable than the instant form.

I truly love the Spicy Chicken flavor.  It's a good thing they manufactured them in the cheaper packs rather than buying the more expensive ones in plastic cups.  I love them semi-crunchy when I eat them.  I would hate any noodle that is already soggy from over soaking them in hot water.


  1. that is one of my fave foods.. nakakatakam!

  2. I prefer the beef flavored one though, but my sister loves this. Swak na swak pang midnight snack namin before.:)

  3. heheh! kala ko ako lang ang naloloka sa Nissin's Yakisoba :)

  4. I always eat yakisoba! parang not a week passes that I don't. yikes. ;p

    I enjoy the beef flavor more, pero I also eat the chicken when available.

  5. love this too!! try lucky me chow mein din :D