Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pork Steak

Spent yesterday afternoon with Honey in the apartment.  And he prepared lunch for both of us.  I don't miss his cooking so much.  It's because he keeps sending me food at home.  Also, I think we're going to have our weekly visit with him every Saturday.  I have to pass up trips to Tagaytay every weekend in the process.

He prepared pork steak and mango-banana milk drink.  And I was trying my very best not to get my 3rd serving of rice.  I finished my 2nd serving but it wasn't enough.  I really wanted more.  But the thought of gaining a lot of weight and trying to lose them all over again was enough for me not to scrape of rice from the rice pot.

Since he's Bicolano, he made the pork steak medium to very spicy.  It wasn't as salty as expected considering that he cooked it in soy sauce.  And the pork was tender.  He placed a lot of onions in it and the appetizing aroma filled our apartment.  I love the sweetness the onions brought to the dish.

It was a fusion of sweet, spicy and salty.

  We were almost done with one jug of mango-banana creamy milk drink.  We were talking about getting our own blender someday if we finally have the budget for it.  Then we will have fruit shakes anytime we want.

And for merienda at 4pm, he prepared noodle soup using noodles from Bicol.  He calls it Pancit Bato or Pancit Bicol named after where it originated.  It consist of flour noodles, and chicken liver (Yes, liver for snack). He said that it doesn't quite taste as one would expect when one eats Pancit Bicol.  Well, at least he tried his best.  And at least, I tried something new again.


  1. everything looks and sounds so delicious! :3 yummmmm!!!

  2. My mother, being a Bicolana, also cooks Pancit Bato. But I still prefer Pancit Canton. Pancit Bato has a weird taste for me.