Monday, March 7, 2011

7/11 French Vanilla Cappuccino

I was getting tired of the Cafe Mocha from the vending machine in one of the stalls on the ground floor of our office building.  So while my friend smoke her cigarette stick, I walked towards 7/11 to look for the coffee she was raving about.  It's the French Vanilla Cappuccino that, according to her, was sold for P10.00 per small cup before.  Now, it's being sold in its regular price of P40.00 per cup.

Now there's something worthy for Starbucks competition.  A smile actually crept in my face as I was sipping this cup of coffee.  It tasted my favorite XO Butter Caramel or Werther's Butterscotch candy.

I truly enjoyed drinking my cup.  It's the perfect lift-me-up during the hours when you're already getting sleepy.

Unfortunately, it's considered a splurge already for someone who earns so little.  The cost of one small cup is equivalent to one ride home.  Sigh!  But of course, on special days, I would definitely buy it.

I want another cup!!!


  1. I like the Hot Choco version! This coming from someone who rarely drinks anything hot. :P Mahal pala, P40? I can't remember the price last time I bought it but it was just late last year.

  2. onga sis, sana around P20.00 lang :( I wish there was a cheaper instant coffee in sachet that taste as good as that cup :( someday!

  3. I don't like coffee sis. Pwede hot choco nalang. Hihi. Dropping by from GT.

  4. yay! I miss 7/11 and I agree with sis Madz. Mas gusto ko ang Hot Choco... well, 40 pesos is much cheaper than Starbucks signature hot choco kaya pwede na... :D

  5. Ako, sis, this was my Starbucks replacement when I had my internship in Makati. Our office was walking distance from the Buendia MRT Station. It's my morning coffee for about 1 month. hehe

  6. urk! every time I pass by this blog post, I crave so much for a cup of this :( I'm torturing myself with this post :(((