Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flat Pasta

Sometimes, here in my parents' home, you just open the fridge and there they are - good-as-new leftover food.  Before I ask the cook to prepare a meal, I always have to check the fridge for these leftover goodies.  I have become designated recipient of doggy bags in this house.  Sure! It's pathetic.  But since I enjoy them, nonetheless, I don't mind eating them at all.

So one time, I opened those non-earth friendly styropor package and found something I've never tried before.  It was a two layer flat lasagna-like pasta meal.  It tasted like lasagna to me.  But the thick non-salty, white cheese in between the flat pasta was something else.  I think it tasted like carabao cheese (kesong puti) or feta cheese to me.  It's too bad that I'm not familiar with all types of  cheeses.  I really want to identify it in this dish.

I don't even know from what restaurant it came from.  Teehee!  Still, it was still worthy of a food blog.  :))


  1. looks yummy, wish i have a fridge too, with treasures waiting to be discovered hehe...

  2. i live in left overs! haha! i have no kitchen in my dorm room so i have to rely on what foods left in my mini ref.

    i havent tasted a kesong puti. i wonder where can i buy one?

  3. Sana sis, ganyan din ang fridge namin sa bahay! :P