Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mommy's Salad

My mom loves fresh leafy greens.  So when she was able to have a small yard in Tagaytay, the only thing she wants is plant and harvest ingredients for her salad.  I think we recently harvested carrots last weekend.

She's been bringing Romaine lettuce here in Manila from her garden and I have been enjoying them in my sandwich.  I love how crunchy they were.

During our visit last weekend, she was able to harvest cherry tomatoes too and so, she prepared a bowl of salad for us.

Almost everything was from her garden except for the grapes. I think we need a larger yard for that.


  1. I find it cool that you only need to go to your backyard to get salad ingredients. :)

  2. we had a spacious backyard when i was in my elementary days. my mama and papa loved to plant veggies. we had corn, eggplants, tomatoes, kamoteng kahoy, mango trees. every hapon, me, my other siblings, my mom, and my titas, nagtatanggal ng damo sa garden. i was happy when we picked the corns and cooked it for meryenda.

    when we moved. i started to miss the place, the small garden, its nice to spend childhood in a place with small garden. its nice to play there and observe the earthworms and other earth creatures.

  3. Wow! I so love tomatoes!!!

    Fresh Salad straight from the garden, yumm!

  4. @madz: dream talaga ng mom ko to have her own vegetable garden. Yan ang love nya gawin pag nag retire daw siya.

    @reina: I love corn on the cob too. Too bad, we don't have that in the small garden. It would have been nice. ...ahaha! I'm not fond of earthworms sis.

    @bechay and Michelle: I love tomatoes too... next to cheese :) sarap rin niyan siguro sa pasta :)

  5. ooh that's very nice. your mom has a green thumb (inggit ako) and you get to enjoy fresh veggies for free (inggit ulit ako).

  6. or you can have a tall fence - thats good for the grape vines i think.

    saraaaaap salad!