Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kimpura in Trinoma

Last weekend, my sister told me to get ready because we were going out for lunch. The reason was that the cook left with my parents for Tagaytay. And there was nothing to cook since nobody has done the weekend food shopping in the nearby wet and dry market akapalengke.  LOL!

And so, we roamed around Trinoma to look for something different to eat since my siblings were as adventurous as I am when it comes to food.  And so, we saw the big letters of Kimpura beside their restaurant.  We entered the restaurant since Japanese food sounded good to all of us at that time. 

And so we tried the restaurant for the first time.  (But I believe, this restaurant has been around for a long time already.)

Some fish, seaweed and vegetables for the appetizer. 
 The plate was so small.  It was like they were giving us a preview
 of the meal that was about to come our way. 

Another small plate of their appetizer of seaweeds

A cup of miso soup taste the same as other restaurants'.

Super California Maki is bigger than the regular makis I had before.
 Also, it is topped with sweet and crunchy slice of fish.    

Tori Chizu Maki...

...is oozing with cheese.

Okonomiyaki is another term for Japanese pizza.

 I thought the cook was going to give us something that tasted like scrambled egg 
because it looked like the one below when it is being cooked.

It turned out like this.

I can't describe exactly how it turned out but it is pretty good.  
It tasted like barbecue-flavored pizza.  Their version of their pizza was soft but not soggy.
I'd hate it if I was eating something soggy.

Beef Usuyaki are rolled beef slices filled with vegetables.

It didn't look very impressive but it really tasted good. 

It oozed with chopped and sliced and diced vegetables.
The beef was tender and juicy.
They were very thin slices of beef that was cooked first then rolled.

Here now is the Oyster Filled Bacon!  
I didn't get the Japanese name of this one but I kept the taste in my mind. 

I'd hate it if pork tasted too porky.
This one wasn't like that.  
The bacon tasted better than most bacon. 
You enjoy it more since it blended with 
the taste of oyster.

The combination may sound strange to you
but trust me when I say that it is really good.

Here's the plate the cook fills up with food every now and then.

They serve green tea as their house tea. 

This is us watching the cook cook. LOL!  
By the way, you wouldn't really smell 
like you've done any grilling or cooking
when you dine in this way.  
I think the exhaust works so well, it doesn't allow any smoke
to go our way.

I wish my siblings enjoyed it as much as I did so that 
we could visit Kimpura again.


  1. Wow! Okonomiyaki is our favorite! I'll make sure to try this one out:)

  2. I'm so frustrated. I see that yummy looking okonomiyaki and I can't relate and understand how it tastes like. :|

    I don't frequent Trinoma so I hope I see a branch somewhere else where I drop by.

  3. kimpura is one of my favorite restos ever since i was a kid. haha. :) glad you seemed to enjoy the food there too! ^-^

  4. hi ate anne! i enjoyed looking and staring at the japanese pizza and the beef usuyaki. they look yummy. anything rolled and/or with a word pizza in it definitely sounds yummy to me!

    may kimpura kaya sa mall of asia? sana meron gusto ko makatikim ng japanese foods.

  5. @Mav: yah! It was a first for me. I didn't know about Okonomiyaki before until that time we ordered it.

    @Madz: sis, I hope you could try it soon. I hope other Japanese resto offer it.

    @Sugar sugar: yes sis, sobrang tagal na nga daw ng Kimpura and they just made a comeback just recently. Good thing. Kasi I really enjoyed their food.

    Reina: I agree. Kahit san pa galing ang pizza, masarap talaga :)

  6. The foods look delish! Do they really assign a chef for each table? I haven't eaten in a Japanese resto kasi.

  7. There are a few tables where you will be able to see your food cooked in front of you. Because we were having a late lunch at that time, we were able to sit on that kind of table. :)