Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nong Shim Cup Noodle

I love noodles especially the instant ones.

I think I grew up with them. 

And they helped me survive college days when my mom is not there to cook for me.  

Although, I must always remind myself to eat them in moderation or else my kidney beans will be in big trouble... then I will be in big trouble.  And I wouldn't want that.  

Our family have been buying the Nong Shim brand of cup noodles in the market for about a year or so now.  And I just recently enjoyed a cup.  

The brown bits enlarges when it is submerged in hot water.
And it taste as good as Kikiam bits.

The one with red swirls taste like those you put in a Shabu Shabu pot.

Nong Shim noodles is one of my favorites because it is so spicy!  
Just the way I like it.


  1. I think the round thingie with the red swirls is what they call fishcake. (I've been watching too many Ranma 1/2 episodes, that's why) :P

  2. ^ they're called naruto in japanese. LOL! have been watching too much anime. x)

    i love nong shim too! =D