Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pocky Cookie Crunch

I have nothing but raves with this chocolate snack.

I have been eating their other snack which is chocolate-covered bread sticks with crushed almonds but this version is much much better.  Crunchy cookies stuck in crunchy bread stick through somehow crunchy chocolate.

It's my new ultimate favorite chocolate snack.  I swear by it.  It's a must-try.

I just wish they have a local version because it's quite expensive :(((

They have separate packs for sharing.  
But believe me, I'd understand, you wouldn't want to share a box of this.

People have got to try this.  Suuuuper sarap!


  1. Looks Yummy! Share naman jan sis!

  2. yummy... :D i like pocky too although my sis and i would usually buy peppero almond sticks :D

  3. i love pocky but haven't tried this one.
    haha! breadsticks covered with delicious chocolate must not be shared!!!

  4. looks delicious! ^_^ I tried the regular pocky stick before so I'm curious how this one tastes like :D

  5. Expensive? How much is it sis? Never tried pa kasi. :)

  6. @Madz: sis, around P195 yung isang box =.( sana talaga may local version.

  7. whereto buy that super sarap pocky?? i want it!!

    uy, food trip tayo minsan nila madz. =)

  8. I love Pocky, the strawberry flavored sticks, kaya lang one box is so bitin. This one looks yummy too!

  9. Hmmm, looks yummy. Meron kaya dito nyan? (sana) Try ko maghanap....

  10. @chyng: tara! ano trip niyo ni Madz? ka-facebook ko na nga siya :)

    @badet: never tried the strawberry flavored sticks before sis :(

    @Pinay: sis sa grocery store (shopwise) pero sis, san ka located? baka abroad?