Friday, February 4, 2011

Racks' Ribs

The first Racks restaurant I know is in El Pueblo in Ortigas.  That was around 15 years ago.  Until now, it is still standing on the same ground although they made it smaller and rented out the other parts of the building.  It was a hit when it first opened but after a couple of years or so, nobody bothered to eat there anymore.  I thought it was going to close down.  But even at a time when they seem already hanging by a thread, our family still ate there because the food has not changed.  The meat are still tender, seasoned and cooked just right. 

After time, they made an overhaul of their establishment.  The interior is much smaller but cozier and classier than before.  The patrons like us appreciated their comeback.  They even opened a branch in the nearby mall (Megamall) but I still prefer dining in their El Pueblo branch if we're not having them delivered in the office for lunch (which is most of the time).

I ordered savory chicken and baby back ribs for myself.  I wasn't able to finish the whole thing.  Actually, I left the chicken behind. Teehee!  I gobbled the ribs without bothering eating rice with it.

I love their coleslaw.  The veggies are coarsely shredded unlike that of KFC's coleslaw but just as good.  I think they serve a healthier salad since you can identify what's in it (unlike that of KFC's). 

By the way, I used to love ordering their loaf of onion rings.  Unfortunately, I noted that it has become too oily for my taste the last time I ordered it.  Therefore, I don't recommend it for anyone who prioritizes their health.

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