Monday, February 21, 2011

Sisig Hooray

Yesterday, I tried Sisig Hooray for the first time.  When BF asked what I wanted for lunch, I couldn't think of anything so I dragged him down to the food court.  We round up the stalls like we usually do.  I asked him to say stop if he sees something he likes.  But like before, I usually do the honors of stopping him in his tracks.  He doesn't have the chance (to choose) when he's with me.  (Now that I'm aware of it, I'll probably have to let him the next time.)

Sisig Hooray got me at "Sisig".

This man was making a lot of noise.  Well, not exactly noise because he was beating his wood chopping board like he was beating drums.  I'd say he was performing to get noticed and I'd say it worked because there were a bunch of customers that came after us.  

He was chopping pork cheeks to the smallest pieces possible.  

Most of the time, I have to know what's on my plate before I actually eat them.  So I asked the one on the front, what pork parts do they serve and they showed me a pile of cooked-to-golden-brown meat and told me they were pig cheeks.  Deciding that it was safe enough, we ordered two sets of pork sisig.  

They charge reasonably well. 

It cannot get more oily than this.
You can see bits of green chili and they topped it off with generous amount of ground pork rinds or chicharon.  

I loved their sisig.  Even though I know it wasn't good for anyone's health (because it is practically oozing with saturated fat and cholesterol ... and probably trans fat), it is just too good.  I'm not kidding.  

I know I'm going back there.  Maybe once a month of their sisig is not so bad at all.

Hooray for Filipino Sisig!


  1. Ohhh... I love sisig too. Just had one for lunch.:) And you're right, totally not healthy but definitely so tempting.

  2. yummy sisig for an affordable price. :)

  3. Mas sulit kung yung barkda meal/package kinuha nyo sis, more than enough for 2 people na sya :P

    I like Sisig Hooray because they make their sisig crunchy, which is the factor I look for in any sisig.

  4. i want to try their sisig too. I love sisig! yayyyy!!! :D

  5. @Rose: will be tempted again soon :))

    @sugar sugar, Resting Nurse and Mel: You should try this sisses

    @Madz: will do that the next time sis :) grabe, super happy ako while eating their sisig :)

  6. I'm also a big Sisig fan and this post of yours made me crave for some. Weeee! :)