Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Molten Chocolate Volcano

Visited Chili's once again last night and this time, we tried out the dessert my friend was gushing about before.  It lived up to it's name.  It truly is an explosion of sweetness. 

Warm chocolate cake topped with cold vanilla ice cream and frosted chocolate had one more surprise in store: the oozing warm chocolate syrup inside the cake.  I want to come back for another one of this. 


  1. made me hungry. =)

  2. your description makes me crave for that dessert!

  3. Wow...... I hope you can give me a chance to taste it....

    It is so yummy... post more post more..... I'm hungry....


    Kee[ up your work...


  4. I want to try that but share it someone else, my sweet tooth seems to have deserted me. San ba may branches ang Chilis? I wanna try :P

    Don't know why you can't comment on my blog, but Chyng has said the same problem even before. Did IntenseDebate load up? Sometimes when the internet connection is a bit slow, it doesn't show up, but I'm not sure if that's what happened in your case.

  5. @everyone: thanks for visiting :)

    @Madz: happens to me too. I think I also have that seasonal sweet tooth. comes and goes :))

    I tried to submit my comment but it says error afterwards. Sayang. I've got a lot to say about Wham burgers pa naman LOL! Well, I'll just keep reading your posts kahit di maka comment :)

  6. Gooey yummy goodness! yuuuummm!!!!!!!!! I want to go to Chili's now hahaha! I love this dessert. :3 Actually I like all kinds of dessert. x)

  7. wow! wow! Im craving for sweet again!

  8. This made me hungry! :) I hope I can try it one of these days. I miss Chili's. I only got to try their Cajun Chicken Pasta which is one of my favorites. :)

    Btw, got the link of your blog in Girltalk. Nice blog you have here. Take care and looking forward to more posts from you. ^_^