Monday, February 14, 2011

Dexter's Fondant Cake

Our family has been a loyal customer of Dexter's Bakeshop especially during special occasions.  Their cakes and pastries are truly a treat to the eyes, taste buds and tummy. 

I recently enjoyed one of their fondant cake. 

Almost everything is edible.

The toys are sugar coated too so anyone who is old enough to know how to distinguish food from nonfood may be able to eat it.  The cubes/blocks are all sugar and is edible all throughout.  Suck but don't bite.  They're really hard candy. 

I wish the pink soccer ball was a toy and not hardened sugar so I can keep it.  It is just so cute.  It is hollow inside and when you drop it, it will break like porcelein.  I really want to know how they make it. 

The cake was made of butter bread that was almost as good as Goldilocks' butter slices.  (Sorry but I still have yet to find something better than Goldilocks' butter slice)  The best thing about it is that there are generous amount of crushed walnuts in it.  They're so abundant in the bread that eating it doesn't get that boring.

Also, it is a bit sweet especially when you eat some of the fondant along with the bread itself.  And it is perfect with a somehow-bitter-tasting coffee.  I tried it with Nescafe Original 3-in-1 mix and it was a perfect combination.


  1. The cake looks superb sis, I love how they decorated it :)

  2. @madz: onga sis eh. And to think that mom ordered it one day before. They allow at least 3 days before pick up but since they're already familiar with my mom, they made it among all their other orders.

    @marj: thanks sis. I love the color talaga. Super.

  3. Awww so pink and cute! :3 I also want to order one! >o<" (ang inggitera ko talaga lahat ng makita ko gusto ko din hehehe.)

  4. @Storybookmom: I think our Ate Sally did the honors of cutting the cake at home :) I wonder how she felt taking off the "toys" lol!

    @sugar don't wait for special occasions to order sis :)

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  6. i love baby via's cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so pink!

    lagi lang ako nakakatikim ng fondant sa mga kasal and debut. nakakamiss naman ang lasa :(

    ang mahal ng fondant cake. meron ako nakikita sa cakes r us, ang cute! pero hindi cute yung price.

    happy christening baby via! i wish you good blessings! always!

  7. Mind if I ask how much a cake like that would cost? Parang gusto ko sa birthday ko ;)

  8. @Reina: thank you says Via :) yah, hindi nga cute ang price nila LOL!

    @Diane: I don't really know sis eh. Via's mommy bought it for her. go na sis. Mag fondant cake ka na rin on your birthday. Feeling ko nga for photo opps lang ang cake na to eh LOL!