Monday, February 21, 2011

Rowena's Tarts

After spending another weekend in Tagaytay, we were able to eat some Rowena's treats again.  This time, we bought us some tarts.  They have three kinds: egg tart, apple tart and chocolate mousse tart. They have other fruity tarts but we decided on buying just those three.

For all three, I have to say that filling is good but could not say the same for the bread or the crust.

I have always loved eating egg pie so their egg tarts were really a treat for me.  The filling is not as firm as that of the egg pie's but that is what's good about it.  The crust seems to be holding something delicate as it's caramelized fillings.  Sweetness-wise, it was just right.  It is best served chilled.

Their apple tart is another must try.  I suggest that they are warmed in the microwave first before serving for maximum enjoyment.  Also, it's nice with your favorite (somehow) bitter cup of coffee.

I had two of chocolate mousse tarts last weekend. I loved it straight from the fridge.  With regards to the consistency, I guess they had some gelatin mixture mixed with the cream.  It is a not-so-sweet treat in comparison to that of the chocolate mousse of KFC (if there are still any).

Try enjoying them on your next visit to Tagaytay where you can find Rowena's alongside the road.


  1. awww when kau nagtagaytay sis? we were there last weekend too!

  2. yes, we never fail to buy some of these too whenever we pass by tagaytay!
    panalo, may flavors! ^_^

  3. The chocolate mousse looks tempting. Weakness ko talaga ang chocolate desserts. Hehe! Now I know what to ask in case may mga kakilala akong pupunta or mapapadaan ng Tagaytay.

  4. they look good, i must try that egg tart.

  5. shucks i miss this! i love rowena's ube and buko tarts!!!

  6. @Marice: we visit Tagaytay almost every weekend sis, kasi everyone leaves this house to go to our parents house there :)

    @Chyng and Marj: The egg tarts are my new favorites too :)

    @Rose: Ako din sis, I love chocolates.

    @Pink: I wish we bought their buco pie too :(

  7. tagaytay! I so miss this! BF and I went to tagaytay last year for christmas, I bought rowena's blueberry tarts. Next time I'll try that chocolate mousse tart.

  8. @Chew on This: try it next time!! i gotta try that choco tarts and the other tarts also :D