Monday, February 7, 2011

Rowena's Spicy Dilis

Whenever we go back to Manila from Tagaytay, we pass by the almost-always crowded Rowena's bakeshop.  Most people go there to buy the pies - particularly, their buko pies which already overshadowed Colette's.  I go there to buy my favorite Spicy Dilis.

I have the propensity for the crunchy stuff.  And their dilis are uber crunchy.  It's quite embarrassing especially when you're in a hushed placed and you start munching on it. 

It's good because of the crunch and the taste.  It is actually sweet and spicy.  It is honey roasted sprinkled with sesame seed.  It's a gouty arthritic's nightmare.

I believe this is best eaten when you're trying to keep awake.  One dilis is enough to make you look for water and sweat and in my case, sniff (that happens to me when I eat spicy food because I start to have the runny nose - oh excuse me).


  1. i like eating spicy dilis too! but, i like them more if they are in uber red color! haha!

  2. Yay, I love munching on this whenever it's available. I haven't tried Rowena's though. Others are so colored that my fingers turn red after eating :P

  3. Oh I know the red dilis we can get from the sari-sari. I used to buy that when we were still in our old neighborhood. I love chewing on them. I'm unable to swallow them though. I couldn't seem to chew them enough to swallow :( I don't know why.

  4. Funny story about spicy dilis for me. It almost cast me my honor award for elem graduation! It was the week before graduation and we still had to go to class. My elementary school was run by strict nuns and it was forbidden, as in you'll-go-to-the-disciplinary-office-if-you-get-caught forbidden. My classmate brought some dilis and she gave me a packet. I was so excited I could not wait for recess to eat it. Just as I was puting those darned little fishies in my mouth, disciplinary officer passes by our classroom. Wala nang usap usap pa. Punta agad sa office.

    I had to plead not to get a demerit that will stain my otherwise perfect record. 1 week na lang eh!

    Ang pinagawa sa akin, I had to write on 5 pieces of intermediate paper that I will not eat in the classroom.

    lol. Fun times! I love spicy dilis!

  5. @Diane: heheh! nuns could be so unreasonably strict sometimes.