Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turo-Turo Style

The other day, while on a road trip up north, we ate at a roadside restaurant.  The place looks clean and well-maintained.  I noted that most of the staff running the place were teenagers.  So I was wondering if it was some kind of barkada business. 

We ordered sizzling tuna, beef mami (for me), sizzling daing na bangus and sinigang na hipon along with several cups of rice and ice cold 7-Up bottles.  I noted that everything was less than 100 pesos.  So we were all wondering how big the servings were. 

While waiting for our orders, they served small cups of warm clear soup.  I always enjoy this part of the meal everytime I eat in a Filipino eatery.  It's our version of warm rolls served in a more classy restaurant.  I prefer the free soup than the free rolls anytime.

I was the one who ordered tuna sisig.  I was disappointed when they served me (?Century) tuna that was probably straight from the can.  I then hoped that the next would make up for this one. 

We were used to big servings that is why we got a laugh at the size of our order of sinigang na hipon.  Well, we shouldn't have expected much because we were paying around P50.00 for this one.  The taste though, was priceless.  It was really delicious.   Hence, we ordered more of this.

 I ordered myself a bowl of beef mami.  Even though it wasn't as good as beef noodle soups from restaurant we are used to these days, it definitely brings back memories.  I used to eat this kind of beef mami when I was little.  We buy these in canteens before where it was placed on display in glass cabinets and when someone orders it, they put soup on it and it's ready to serve. 

I wasn't able to appreciate the taste though.  Maybe because these days, I'm used to eating very salty and spicy cup noodles.  And this bowl of beef mami had probably only salt to taste. 

Tomatoes are mainstays for daing na bangus.  I'm not sure why the salty crispy daing goes well with the refreshing somewhat-crunchy fresh tomatoes.   No added soy sauce needed.

The establishment was up north and there is one down south (in Quezon) and is located by the sea.  The seafoods served were the best so far and put them in the top of my list.  But that is another blog post in the making.


  1. wow! really? i admire young entreps!

    im craving for sinigang na hipon now.

  2. Me too sis. I love those who start out early in life. I wish to teach that to my daughter in the future :)