Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Housewarming Handa

During the weekend, family and relatives drove south to spend time in my parent's house in Tagaytay.  Since my mother invited a number of relatives to stay, she thought of having the house blessed on that weekend too.  So after contacting the parish priest in a nearby church, the house was scheduled to be blessed at 4pm that afternoon. 
The cook eventually needed to prepare snacks for everyone.  And having the house blessed was just another reason to prepare them extra special.
After the casual and at the same time, intimately prayerful house blessing, relatives grabbed their plates and settled anywhere to eat.

It's that time of the year again when giving and receiving tikoy spells good fortune for the year.  I love tikoy or nian gao (whatever descent you are on).  It is made of glutinous rice.  And it's chewy and heavy on the tummy.

Mom recognizes how good a cook ate Sally is especially when she cooks paella, my favorite.  . 

They bought a number of french bread early that day.  It was served sliced, buttered and toasted.  I love how it remained slightly chewy for my taste


  1. happy house blessing! the paella looks good. your mom is very lucky to have ate sally who kicks ass in the kitchen!

  2. yummy!!!! :) congratulations sis!

  3. @reina and marice: thanks girls :)

  4. Congratulations!

    And yes, that Paella looks mighty yummy. :D

  5. wow, congrats!
    new home, new vibes!

  6. Ohhh, why does the paella look so good. It looks as good as Gumbo's Seafood Jambalaya, no kidding! :)

  7. @Diane: thanks sis. The paella does look good :)

    @chyng: thanks :) hardly our home yet. we only stay there thrice a month at most.

    @Liz: snack feast lang sis :)

    @madz: naku sis, ate sally will be happy to know :) unfortunately it's not as spicy as that of Gumbo's