Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spicy Coffee

There are no accidents. 

I was destined to be served coffee a' la ginger tea. 

One breakfast morning, our helper asked me what I wanted to eat and I asked if she could prepare me coffee instead, while I look after my kid.  After a few minutes, she had a hot cup of coffee for me.  I took a few sips and took note of the unusual spice in my coffee.  Initially, I thought it was because it was hot and singed my tongue a bit.  But when I was halfway through it, I was sure that I tasted ginger. 

I called for the helper and asked what she put in it.  She mixed instant coffee, sugar and creamer.  I asked what was the color of the sugar she used.  She told me it was light brown.  And then I knew.  She placed instant salabat instead of sugar.  I asked if I wanted to replace the coffee and I told her it was okay and that I was going to finish all of it.  It was so unconventional that it was so good. 

Sometimes, we need to let accidents happen in order to enjoy the good stuff.



  1. Okay. Coffee and salabat, two drinks I never dare let my lips touch, or taste for that matter. Too bad I can't exactly relate. :)

    I love your meaningful ending though. :)

  2. Hmm.. "coffee-salabat", why not? But I can't imagine the taste =)

    I agree with Madz, your ending is meaningful, it's like "Blessing in disguise".

    You have a good day sis!

  3. I dislike salabat. I just can't imagine mixing salabat and coffee, but good for you sis that it turned out good :)