Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jollibee Yum with TLC

Yum with TLC is probably one of the best sellers of our "national" food chain in the country.  It is one of my favorite burgers around.  It is definitely tasty.  It may not be as good as grilled burgers but it gives the same satisfaction (and sometimes even more).

Ala Carte P50.00

Upon unwrapping the burger, there is not much to look at.  The only thing that is prominent about Jollibee's Yum with TLC is the cheese that is outpouring from the burger's insides.  It is not that appetizing-looking in comparison with other burgers.  But upon taking a bite, there's immediate burst of creamy taste of cheese that mingles with the subtle sourness of its ketchup and somehow, the taste of fresh tomatoes. 

It is therefore surprising when you examine the insides of this burger.  You would wonder how it tastes that good with just so little portions of tomato and lettuce.  We would definitely not get enough minerals from that burger.  Hopefully, the cheese makes up for it. 

Jollibee Yum with TLC is a truly enjoyable satisfying treat that is served fast for those people who would want a quick fix of a meal.  We may or may not agree that we get our money's worth but my taste buds give it an A-okay grade.  A big plus if it is served with an ice cold soda.


  1. I love Jollibee! kahit yung regular yum with no cheese okay na rin sakin. I agree that their cheaper burgers are not much to look at but cheap as they may be, they're actually good and quite filling. :)

    Their most loaded burger is the Champ, it's a hit or miss for me, at some branches the patty is oozing with juice and at others it's dry.

  2. Paliit nang paliit ang burgers ng Jollibee ngayon. :( But I still love them. Their patties are the best!

  3. i agree, their burgers are yummy but it has an after taste and parang ang tagal matunaw sa tummy.. errr.. maybe it's just me. :-/